Lifetime Achievement

As IASD approached the 37th year of its existence as the premiere dream organization in the world, it began to look back over the history of dream research and dream study, recognizing that some of its members had dedicated their lives to understanding dreams. The IASD Lifetime Achievement Awards are created and presented by the IASD Board of Directors to those who have made enormous lifetime contributions to the study and understanding of dreams and dreaming. They are not awarded every year, but at the discretion of the Board.

To date the following individuals below have received these awards.

IASD Lifetime Achievement Award Winners Discuss Their Work With Dreams

Asked to speak of their careers in dream work, and their attempts to further the study of dreams, IASD  Lifetime Achievement Award winners shared the following words with us.  Also included are the introductions by Rita Dwyer and Marcia Emery for 2012 Lifetime Achievement Awards to three founding members.

Youtube_icon.svgYouTube Video: Noted parapsychologist and dream-researcher, Dr. Robert Van de Castle is interviewed by Lisette Coly, President of the Parapsychology Foundation, as part of the Foundation’s “Up close and Personal” Intimate conversations series.