Organization Membership

Becoming an Organization/Corporate Member with IASD

Who can become an Organization/Corporate Member?

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Organizations all over the world! Wherever you are in the world, if you have organized yourselves into some kind of dream association and you subscribe to IASD’s Ethical Guidelines, you are eligible to become an Organization/Corporate (OC) Member with IASD. Of course, as an organization you strictly keep your own independence. We just benefit mutually from each other’s presence.

Why become an OC Member?

We at IASD (for more information click here) are of the opinion that as organizations with the one common goal of wanting to provide a meeting place for all those interested in dreams and dreaming, we will want to pool forces to make a stronger, integrated dreaming community. We all benefit from exchanging information, and from being aware of each other’s activities.

Being connected strengthens the whole of the dream movement and thus benefits people all over the world, regardless of whether they are scholars, therapists, artists, or serious students of dream studies.

What are the concrete terms and benefits of OC Membership?

The terms:

An organization who elects this form of membership is required to contribute annually to IASD’s funding as follows: an organization with fewer than 150 members: $150; an organization with 150-300 members: $250; an organization with more than 300 members: $300.

An OC Member signs its agreement with IASD’s Ethical Guidelines

The benefits:

  • An OC Member organization receives a copy of all IASD publications, notably our journal Dreaming, and our magazine DreamTime. Affiliates who contribute $250 receive two copies, and those who contribute $300 receive three.
  • All OC Members are listed as such on IASD’s website.
  • An OC Member is invited to propose individuals for conference sponsorship. This is a grant for attendance of the annual IASD conference for people who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend (with the provison that individuals who apply for this would need to follow whatever protocols are set out to attain such sponsorship).
  • An OC Member organization is invited to describe itself and its activities in the new Member directory.

What are the less tangible aspects of OC Membership?

There are many ways in which we can mutually benefit as we draw towards each other and have formal and informal ties. Here are just a few:

  • A regional or national organization may gain status by joining IASD as an OC Member, and thus may attract speakers and/or members they might otherwise not reach.
  • IASD becomes aware of the expertise developed in other countries and regions than it has been in touch with so far.
  • Research may be shared, articles exchanged, and other information spread.
  • IASD conference speakers may be invited to attend dream gatherings and conferences elsewhere.

Organization/Corporate APPLICATION

  1. Use this form for payment and select the appropriate level of org/corp membership
  2. Use this form if you are mailing your application with a USD check.