Independent Study Online Courses

IASD is happy to offer online courses in the science and psychology of dreaming and in the science of lucid dreaming for those IASD members and non-members who would like to take these as part of an independent study program.  These courses have and continue to be offered by IASD as part of the Dream Study Group program which is an interactive program in which specific topics are discussed in forums with one’s regional Dream Study Group. 

Some people have asked if they could take these courses as stand-alone independent study courses.   We are happy to announce that the following courses are now available to take as part of an independent study program. The independent study program should appeal to those who prefer to take courses on their own.  

The Science and Psychology of Dreaming, taught by Robert J. Hoss.

This course is mini-tutorial on the science and psychology of dreaming, which covers:

  •  The Basics
  •  The Psychology
  •  Exceptional Dream Experiences

As an educational tutorial, this course is designed for anyone interested in a summary of some of the theories and research findings related to our basic understanding of dreaming. Although there is still much unknown and even controversial about the nature of dreaming, this course offers a snapshot of some of the general thinking cited from research and theoretical literature.

The Science of Lucid Dreaming, taught by Robert Waggoner.

This course is based on a presentation by Robert Waggoner, an internationally known lucid dream pioneer at the 2018 IASD Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. It covers the history of the first scientific evidence that lucid dreaming is a valid and distinct state of dreaming, and then surveys cutting-edge findings in the field.

Cost and how to enroll

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