Dream Study Groups Program (DSGP)

For the first time in IASD’s history, members and non-members alike can join the IASD Dream Study Groups Program (DSGP), where like-minded individuals will be able to meet and interact in our Global Dreamers Forum, and will be assigned to small Dream Study Groups with one of IASD’s Regional Representatives as a host.

Dream Study Groups will follow the Foundation Series courses over the period of one year in an engaging and interactive way, with access to forums and discussion questions every week.

  • The cost for participation in the DSGP, $50 for IASD members and $75 for non-members, will include:
    • Access to the “DSGP Tea Room”, a global forum for dreamers.
    • Access to our three Foundation Series Courses, detailed below.
    • A one-year membership in a hosted Dream Study Group where members will interact on forums and discuss course content over the year.