Stephen LaBerge

Written by Angel Morgan, PhD.

As you are a member of IASD, and reading DreamTime, there is bound to be a powerful and possibly life-changing association you have with Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. Perhaps you were a part of his seminal work with lucid dreaming research at Stanford University or read about it in fascination as an inspired young student.

Perhaps you experienced his early lucid dreaming devices such as the DreamLight or NovaDreamer, collaborated with him in a research project or writing project, or maybe you attended one or more of his Lucidity Institute retreats in Hawaii. Some of you passionately continue to explore and innovate on the trail of his lucid dreaming research legacy, and some of you feel more inspired by his spiritual approach to lucid dreaming and consciousness studies. Possibly you rely, or have relied, on one or more of his lucid dreaming induction techniques.

Perchance you have read some of his books, such as Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, or Lucid Dreaming: A Concise Guide to Awakening in Your Dreams and in Your Life, or you refer to his chapters that explore how lucid dreaming sheds light on the nature of consciousness in your own work or in courses you teach.

Some of you may have discovered his plethora of contributions to the field of lucid dreaming and consciousness studies very recently, and some may have recently discovered you share an interest in dream improvisation or in my case, lucid dream drama.

Certainly, many of you know him as a Co-Founder, having served on the Founding Committee of this wonderful organization we now call IASD.

At the IASD 39th Annual Conference in Tucson, Arizona, we were able to experience Dr. Stephen LaBerge’s Keynote, Anagnostic Oneirony: Dreaming and Awakening. After his talk, I invited Dr. LaBerge to sit down for something special. He then began to realize he was about to receive an IASD Lifetime Achievement Award from IASD President Michelle Carr, as a very moving tribute video with 30-second snippets from friends and colleagues influenced and inspired by his work began to unfold. The video was masterfully edited by Karen Konkoly, and appreciated by the audience, as well as Dr. LaBerge, who received his award glowingly. Thank you, Dr. LaBerge, for all the myriad of ways you have blessed IASD, lucid dreaming research, and consciousness studies—and many thanks to all of the IASD members involved behind the scenes, for helping us keep his award a surprise!