Presidents and Founding Members Booklist

Dream, Dreamwork and Dreaming Research Books by IASD Presidents and Founding Members

Updated 02-14-2022

Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D. [President 1995-1996]

(2012) Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams: The Evolution, Function, Nature, and Mysteries of Slumber by Barrett, Deirdre and McNamara, Patrick , Ph.D.

(2010) Supernormal Stimuli: How Primal Urges Overran Their Evolutionary Purpose. W. W. Norton

(2010) Barrett, D. L. (Ed.) Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, (2 vol.): Vol. 1: History, theory and general research, Vol. 2: Hypnotherapy research and applications, NY, NY: Praeger/Greenwood.

(2007; Ed) The New Science of Dreaming. [Three Volumes]. Praeger Publishers. With Patrick McNamara

(2001; Ed) The Committee of Sleep: How Artists, Scientists, and Athletes Use Dreams for Creative Problem-Solving–And How You Can, Too. Crown Publishers.

(2001; Ed) Trauma and Dreams. Harvard University Press.

(1999) Pregnant Man: Tales from a Hypnotherapist’s Couch. NY: Times Books/Random House, 1998/hardback, 1999 paper.

Mark Blagrove, Ph.D. [President 2001-2002]

(2003) Sleep and Dreaming: Scientific Advances and Reconsiderations. Cambridge University Press

Robert Bosnak [President 2002-2003]

(2007) Embodiment: Creative Imagination in Medicine, Art and Travel . Routledge.

(2003) Klein droomcursus. Lemniscaat.

(1998) A Little Course in Dreams. Shambhala.

(1997) Christopher’s Dreams: Dreaming and Living With AIDS. Bantam Dell Publishing Group.

(1997) LA Practica Del Sonar. Obelisco.

(1997) Dreaming With An AIDS Patient: An Intimate Look Inside the Dreams of a Gay Man With AIDS. Diane Publishing Co.

(1996) Tracks in the Wilderness of Dreaming: Exploring Interior Landscape Through Practical Dreamwork. Bantam Dell Publishing Group.

(1989) Dreaming with an AIDS patient. Shambhala.

Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D. [President 1997-1998]

(2009) Dreaming in Christianity and Islam: Culture, Conflict, and Creativity (edited by Kelly Bulkeley, Kate Adams, and Patricia M. Davis . Rutgers University Press

(2008). American dreamers: What dreams tell us about the political psychology of conservatives, liberals, and everyone else. Beacon Press.

(2008). Dreaming in the world’s religions: A comparative history. NYU Press.

(2005) Dreaming Beyond Death: A Guide to Pre-Death Dreams and Visions. with Rev. Patricia Bulkley. Beacon Press.

(2004). The wondering brain Thinking about religion with and beyond cognitive neuroscience. Routledge.

(2003) Dreams of Healing: Transforming Nightmares into Visions of Hope. Paulist Press.

(2001; Ed) Dreams: A Reader on Religious, Cultural, and Psychological Dimensions of Dreaming. Palgrave Macmillan.

(2000) Transforming Dreams: Learning Spiritual Lessons from the Dreams You Never Forget. John Wiley & Sons.

(1999) Visions of the Night: Dreams, Religion, and Psychology. SUNY Press.

(1998; Ed) Dreamcatching: Every Parent’s Guide to Exploring and Understanding Children’s Dreams and Nightmares, with Alan Siegel. Three Rivers Press.

(1997) An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming. Praeger Publishers.

(1996; Ed) Among All These Dreamers: Essays on Dreaming and Modern Society. SUNY Press.

(1995) Spiritual Dreaming : A Cross-Cultural and Historical Journey. Paulist Press.

(1994) The Wilderness of Dreams : Exploring the Religious Meanings of Dreams in Modern Western Culture.SUNY Press.

Laurel Clark, PhD [President 2016 through 2017]

(2012) Intuitive Dreaming.

Jean Campbell [President 2006-2007]

(2016) Campbell, Jean and Clare R. Johnson (eds) Sleep Monsters and Super Heroes: Empowering Children through Creative Dream Play: Berkeley, CA,Praeger/ ABC-CLIO.

(2006) Group Dreaming: Dreaming to the Tenth Power. Wordminder Press.

(1980) Dreams Beyond Dreaming. The Donning Co.

Gayle Delaney, Ph.D. [President 1983-1985 and a Founding Member]

(—) Your Sleeping Genius: Harnessing the Hidden Power of Your Dreams (Your Coach in a Box)

(2007) Your Sleeping Genius: Harnessing the Hidden Power of Your Dreams (Your Coach in a Box). Hatchett Audio Coach Series. [Audio Book]

(1998) All About Dreams: Everything You Need to Know About Why We Have Them, What They Mean, and How to Put Them to Work for You. Harper San Francisco.

(1997) In Your Dreams: Falling, Flying, and Other Dream Themes: A New Kind of Dream Dictionary. Harper San Francisco.

(1997) Las Cartas de Los Suenos. Robin Book.

(1996) Breakthrough Dreaming: How to Tap the Power of Your 24-Hour Mind. Nightingale-Conant (Audio Cassette edition).

(1996; Revised Edition) Living Your Dreams: The Classic Bestseller on Becoming Your Own Dream Expert.Harper San Francisco.

(1995) Sensual dreaming: How to Understand and Interpret the Erotic Content of Your Dreams. Ballantine Books.

(1995) The Dream Kit: An All-In-One Toolkit for Understanding Your Dreams. Harper San Francisco. [Book, Tape, Cards]

(1994) El mensaje de los sueños sexuales. Robin Book.

(1994) Sexual Dreams: Why We Have Them, What They Mean. Fawcett Books.

(1993; Ed) New Directions in Dream Interpretation. SUNY Press.

(1988; Revised Edition) Living Your Dreams: Using Sleep to Solve Problems and Enrich You Life.Harpercollins.

Jayne Gackenbach, Ph.D. [President 1988-1989]

(2017) Gackenbach, J.I., & Bown, J. (Eds.) Boundaries of Self & Reality Online: Implications of Digitally Constructed Realities. San Diego: Elsevier/Academic Press.

(2012; 2019) Gackenbach, J.I. & Snyder, T. Play Reality. Edmonton, AB: Original Cliche Entertainment.

(2007) Gackenbach, J.I. (Editor) Psychology and the Internet: Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Transpersonal Implication (2nd edition), San Diego: Academic Press. (Translated into Chinese by World Publishing Guangdong Corporation in March, 2014).

(2013) Gillespie, Joanie & Gackenbach, J.I. cyber.rules. NY: Norton. (Translated into Arabic by el-kalema.

(2012) Gackenbach, J.I. (Ed.) Video Game Play and Consciousness. Hauppauge NY: NOVA Science publishers.

(1998) Gackenbach, J.I. (Editor). Psychology and the Internet: Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Transpersonal Implications, San Diego: Academic Press.

(1994; Reprint Edition) Control Your Dreams: How Dreaming Can Help You Uncover Your Hidden Desires and Confront Your Hidden Fears. Harper Mass Market Paperbacks.

(1991) Dream Images: A Call To Mental Arms. Baywood.

(1989; ebook 2012). Gackenbach, J.I. & Bosveld, J. (1989; ebook 2012). Control your dreams, How Lucid Dreaming Can Help You Uncover Your Hidden Desires, Confront Your Hidden Fears, and Explore the Frontiers of Human Consciousness N.Y.: Harper & Row. (translated into German by Christian Stephan for Aurum Verlag GmbH, Braunschweig, German; Translated into Chinese for Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd.)

(1988) Gackenbach, J. I. & LaBerge, S. P. (Eds.) (1988). Conscious mind, sleeping brain: Perspectives on lucid dreaming, N.Y.: Plenum.

(1987) Gackenbach, J. I. (Ed.), (1987). Sleep and dreams: A sourcebook, N.Y Garland.

Patricia Garfield, Ph.D. [President 1998-1999 and a Founding Member]

(2007) Mourning Dove: Dream Poems. Numina Books.

(2003) Dream Catcher: A Young Person’s Journal for Exploring Dreams. Tundra Books.

(2002) Den universelle drømmenøgle. Aschehoug.

(2002) The Dream Book: A Young Person’s Guide to Understanding Dreams.

Sagebrush. [Winner of a Parent’s Guide Children’s Media Award 2002 & The Young Hoosiers Award Nomination]

(2001) El poder curativo de los sueños. Robin Book.

(2001) The Universal Dream Key: The 12 Most Common Dream Themes Around the World. Perennial. [This title also available in Japanese translation.]

(1999) La CrÃ(c)ativitÃ(c) onirique. Du rêve ordinaire au rêve lucide. J’ai lu.

(1999) Luovaan unennäköön.Unio Mystica.

(1999) TSognare, pensare, creare. Gruppo Editoriale Futura.

(1999) Teremtó Álom. Bioenergetic Ltd.

(1998) Droom berichten. DeBöekerij.

(1997) The Dream Messenger: How Dreams of the Departed Bring Healing Gifts. Simon & Schuster.

(1995; Updated Edition) Creative Dreaming: Plan and Control Your Dreams to Develop Creativity, Overcome Fears, Solve Problems, and Create a Better Self. Fireside. [This title also available in Russian translation.]

(1994) Guérir Par Les Rêves. Albin Michel.

(1993) El Poder Curative de Los Sueños. Robin Book.

(1993) The Healing Power of Dreams. Simon & Schuster.

(1992) Frauen träumen anders. Piper.

(1991) Women’s Bodies, Women’s Dreams. Perennial.

(1989) Comprendre les rêves de vos enfants. Club France Loisier.

(1988) Creatief Dromen. Servire Katwijk Aan Zee.

(1986) Wat Droomt Je Kind? Lemniscaat.

(1984; Reprint Edition) Your Child’s Dream. Ballantine Books.

(1984) Yumi Kuriniku. Hakuyosha Pub. Co.

(1983) La Créativité Onirique. La Table Ronde.

(1981) Der Weg des Traum. Ansata-Verlag.

(1981) Skapande Drömmar. Almqvist & Wikseil.

(1980) Kreativ Träumen. Ansata-Verlag.

(1979) Pathway to Ecstasy: The Way of the Dream Mandala. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. [This title also available in Russian translation.]

(1977) Sonhos Criativos. Editora Nova Fronteira.

Robert P. Gongloff [President 2011-2012]

(2006) Dream Exploration: A New Approach, Llewellyn Publications

(2017) Dreams that Change Our Lives, Asheville, NC: Chiron Publications. (ed)

(2019) Dreams: Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture, Volume 2, Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, LLC (ed)

Ernest Hartmann, M.D. [President 1987-1988]

(2000) Dreams and Nightmares: The Origin and Meaning of Dreams. Perseus Publishing.

(1998) Dreams and Nightmares: The New Theory on the Origin and Meaning of Dreams. Harpercollins.

(1994) Dreaming: Journal of the Association for the Study of Dreams. Kluwer Academic Pub.

(1991) Boundaries in the Mind. Harpercollins.

(1991) Boundaries in the Mind: A New Psychology of Personality. Diane Pub Co.

(1987; Reprint Edition) The Nightmare: The Psychology and Biology of Terrifying Dreams. Perseus Books Group.

(1987) The Sleep Book: Understanding and Preventing Sleep Problems in People over 50. Addison-Wesley.

(1978) The Sleeping Pill. Yale University Press.

(1974) The Functions of Sleep. Yale University Press.

(1970) Sleep and dreaming. Little Brown.

(1967) The Biology of Dreaming. Charles C. Thomas Pub. Ltd.

Robert J. Hoss, MS [President 2003-2004]

(2019) Dreams: Understanding Biology, Psychology and Culture. Greenwood, 2019);. (ed)

(2017) Dreams that Changed Our Lives. Chiron (ed)

(2013) Dream To Freedom: A Handbook for Integrating Dreamwork and Energy Psychology Energy Psychology Press

(2005) Dream Language: Self-understanding Through Imagery and Color. Innersource.

Clare Johnson, PhD [President 2018-2019]

(2020) Johnson, Clare The Art of Lucid Dreaming. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Worldwide.

(2018) Johnson, Clare. Mindful Dreaming: Harness the Power of Lucid Dreaming for Happiness, Health, and Positive Change. San Francisco, CA: Conari Press.

(2018) Johnson, Clare. Curarsi con i Sogni. Milan: Vallardi.

(2017) Johnson, Clare .Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming: A Comprehensive Guide to Promote Creativity, Overcome Sleep Disturbances & Enhance Health and Wellness. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Worldwide.

(2017) Johnson, Clare, Dream Therapy: Dream your way to health and happiness. London: Orion.

(2016) Johnson, Clare, & Jean Campbell [Ed.] Sleep Monsters & Superheroes: Empowering Children through Creative Dreamplay. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.

(2010) Jay, Clare, (Clare Johnson) (2010) Dreamrunner. London: Little, Brown.

(2009) Jay, Clare (Clare Johnson) Breathing in Colour. London: Little, Brown.

(2009) Jay, Clare (Clare Johnson) Mijn Dochter in India. Amsterdam: Arena.

Strephon Kaplan-Williams [Founding Member]

(2000) Durch Traumarbeit zum eigenen Selbst. Sonderausgabe. Kreative Nutzung der Traume. Ludwig, Manchen.

(1997; Reprint Edition) Dreamwork (“Elements of … ” Series). Element Books.

(1995) Der Schlassel zum Unterbewuatsein. Das Handbuch der Traumdeutung. Gondrom-Vlg., Bindlach.

(1991) Dream cards: Understand Your Dreams and Enrich your Life. Fireside.

(1991) Dreamworking: A Comprehensive Guide to Working With Dreams. Journey Press.

(1991) The Dreamwork Manual: A Step-by-Step Introduction to Working with Dreams. Harpercollins.

(1991) The Elements of Dreamwork. Element Books.

(1987) The Healing Archetypes: A Unified Field Theory of the Archetypes. Book People.

(1980; Revised Expanded Edition) The Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual. Journey Press

Milton Kramer, M.D. [President 1986 through 1987]

The Dream Experience: A Systematic Exploration by Kramer, Milton (Aug 21, 2013)

Sleep and Mental Illness by Pandi-Perumal, S. R. and Kramer, Milton (Mar 1, 2011)

Sleep and Mental Illness [Hardcover] [2010] (Author) S. R. Pandi-Perumal, Milton Kramer(2010)

The Functions of Dreaming (Suny Series in Dream St (Suny Series in Dream Studies) by Alan Moffit, Milton Kramer and Robert Hoffman (Feb 11, 1993)

Dream Psychology and the New Biology of Dreaming by Milton Kramer (1969)

Dream psychology and the new biology of dreaming. by Kramer, Milton by Milton Kramer (1969)

Sleep and Psychosomatic Medicine by Pandi-Perumal, S.R., Rocco R. Ruoti and Milton Kramer (Mar 2, 2007)

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. [President 1993-1994]

(2009) Perchance to dream: The frontiers of dream psychology.  New York: Nova Science Publishers. Editors: Stanley Krippner and Debbie Joffe Ellis

(2008) Personal mythology: Using ritual, dreams, and imagination to discover your inner story, 3rd ed.*    Santa Rosa, CA: Energy Psychology Press/Elite Books,     Authors: David Feinstein and Stanley Krippner

*also available from InnerSource w/ 3-CD Audio Supplement (includes guided imagery and music)

(2007). Healing Stories: The use of narrative in counseling and psychology. Puente Publications. With Bova, Michael; Gray, Leslie

(2007). Healing Tales: The narrative arts in spiritual traditions. Puente Publications. With Bova, Michael; Gray, Leslie; Kay, Adam

(2004) Becoming Psychic: Spiritual Lessons For Focusing Your Hidden Abilities. New Page Books. With Stephen Kierulff

(2003) Dream Telepathy: Experiments in Nocturnal Extrasensory Perception (Studies in Consciousness).Hampton Roads Publishing Company. With Montague Ullman, Alan Vaughan

(2002) Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work With Them. SUNY Press.

(2000) (Ed) Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence. American Psychological Association. With Etzel Cardena and Steven Jay Lynn

(1999) DreamScaping: New Techniques for Understanding Yourself and Others. Lowell House.

(1991) Dreamtime and Dreamwork: Decoding the Language of the Night. Putnam Publishing Group.

(1989; 2nd Edition) Dream Telepathy: Experiments in Nocturnal ESP. McFarland &Company.

(1988) Dreamworking: How to Use Your Dreams for Creative Problem Solving. Bearly Ltd.

(1988) Personal Mythology: The Psychology of Your Evolving Self: Using Ritual, Dreams, and Imagination to Discover Your Inner Story. St. Martin’s Press.

(1977) Song of the Siren. Harpercollins.

(1970) Dream Studies and Telepathy. Parapsychology Foundation.

Stephen LaBerge, PhD [Founding Member]

(2004) Lucid Dreaming: A concise guide to awakening in your dreams and in your life. Sounds True; Har/Com edition (includes CD).

(2003) Guide to dreams (Keep it simple). Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd.

(1997) Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. Ballantine Books.

(1988) Conscious Mind, Sleeping Brain: Perspectives on Lucid Dreaming. Plenum Publishing Corp.

(1987) Controlling Your Dreams. Audio Renaissance. [Audio Cassette]

(1985) Lucid Dreaming. Ballantine Books.

Alan Moffitt, Ph.D. [President 1989-1990] (deceased 1997) and Milton Kramer, M.D. [President 1986-1987]

(1993; Eds) The Functions of Dreaming. SUNY Press.

Angel Morgan, PhD [President, 2019-2021]

(2018) Morgan, Angel K. Dreamer’s Powerful Tiger: A New Lucid Dreaming Classic for Children and Parents of the 21st Century. The Dreambridge.

(2016) Morgan, Angel K. Dragons, Angels, and Rites of Passage: The Universal Language of Children’s Dreams. In Clare Johnson & Jean Campbell (Eds.), Sleep Monsters and Superheroes: Empowering Children Through Creative Dreamplay (pp. 69-87). Praeger.

(2011) Morgan, Angel K. Investigating Experienced Links Between Dreams and Creativity in the Work of Professional Creative Artists. (Doctoral dissertation). ProQuest/UMI. (Publication No. AAT 3454126).

(2005) Abell, Angel Morgan. The Alphabliss of Miss. Morgan Foundation Publishers.

Richard Russo, MA [President 2004-2005]

(1987) Dreams Are Wiser Than Men. Publishing Group West.

Carol Schreier Ruprecht, Ph.D. [President 1990-1991]

(1993) The Dream and the Text: Essays on Literature and Language. (Suny Series in Dream Studies). SUNY Press.

(1985) Feminist Archetypal Theory: Interdisciplinary Re-visions of Jungian Thought. University of Tennessee Press.

(1995) Dreaming in the Lotus: Buddhist Dream Narrative, Imagery, and Practice by Carol Schreier Rupprecht and Serinity Young (Oct 1, 1995)

Alan Siegel, Ph.D. [President 1999-2000]

(2003) Dream Wisdom: Uncovering Life’s Answers in Your Dreams. Celestial Arts.

(1998) Dreamcatching: Every Parent’s Guide to Exploring and Understanding Children’s Dreams and Nightmares. with Kelly Bulkeley. Three Rivers Press.

(1996; Reprint Edition) Dreams That Can Change Your Life: Navigating Life’s Passages Through Turning Point Dreams. Berkley Publishing Group.

G. Scott Sparrow, EdD [President 2012–2013]

(1982) Lucid Dreaming: Dawning of the Clear Light

(1976) Lucid Dreaming: Dawning of the Clear Light: Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings

Jeremy Taylor D. Min. [President 1994-1995]

(2012) Dream Images. (photos by Diane Farris; dream reflections by Jeremy Taylor)  Available at

(2011) Trickster’s Many Roles in Myth, Dream and the Evolution of Consciousness (Book) Available at

(2011) World Tales & Mythic Narratives for Dreamers & Dream Workers (Book)
Available at

(2010) Mastering the Art of Projective Dream Work: A Comic Book for Dreamers and Dream Workers (Book) Available at

(2009) The Wisdom of Your Dreams: Using Dreams to Tap Into Your Unconscious and Transform Your Life (Book).  Penguin/Tarcher

(2009) What Was That All About? A Comic Book About Dreams and What They Mean, With Special Emphasis on Projection. (Book)  Available at

(1998) The Living Labyrinth: Exploring Universal Themes in Myths, Dreams, and the Symbolism of Waking Life. Paulist Press.

(1993; Reprint Edition) Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill: Using Dreams to Tap the Wisdom of the Unconscious. Warner Books.

(1992) The Wisdom of Your Dreams: Using Dreams to Tap into Your Unconscious and Transform Your Life. Penguin Books.

(1983) Dream Work: Techniques for Discovering the Creative Power in Dreams. Paulist Press.

Katja Valli, PhD [President 2013-2015]

(2019). Valli, Katja & Hoss, Robert J. (eds) Dreams: Understanding Biology, Psychology and Culture. Volume 1. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood, an Imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC.

Robert L. Van de Castle, Ph.D.
[President 1985-1986]

(1995; Reprint Edition) Our Dreaming Mind. Ballantine Books.

(1989) Psychic Dreaming: How to Prepare For, Send, Receive and Interpret Telepathic Dreams. St. Martin’s Press. [Audio Cassette]

Robert Waggoner [President 2009 – 2010]

(2013) Waggoner, Robert & Caroline McCready . Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple, San Francisco, CA: Conari Press 

(2008) Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, Moment Point Press