Robert Hoss

Written by David Kahn

Based on decades of research, including the significance of color in dreams and dream language as metaphor, Bob has written and contributed numerous well-received articles in peer reviewed journals, as well as authoring an important book such as Dream Language: Self Understanding Through Imagery and Color, and co-eding Dreams That Change our Lives, as well as others.

Bob finds time to promote and advance dream studies and dreamwork through radio interviews, lectures and workshops all over the world, just as he has for the last 40 years. These include the Hayden Institute, where he is a faculty trainer.

If that’s not enough, Bob is a past President and past Treasurer. As Treasurer, he even saved IASD from bankruptcy. Bob is also the founder and director of the DreamScience Foundation, that, together with IASD, provides funding towards dream research. What else can this guy do?

As annual Conference Director, his job is to not only make sure the conference happens and runs smoothly, but that it’s profitable for IASD, too. He finds time to double and triple check that all presentations and workshops are reviewed and creates a complex schedule that includes as many as six or seven tracks. Nothing could stop this guy; well, except a worldwide pandemic!

Bob is also a super family man, with a wonderful wife, Lynne; two daughters, Kristen and Melanie; son in-law and grandchildren.

As you know, today Bob serves as Director of IASD, and as advisor to the Executive Committee. He continues to study, research, write and work long hours. He inspires others to meet his vision for IASD. Why else do you think I’m 87 and still working? I can’t stop until he does!

No one is more deserving of this award than Bob. Thank you from everyone at IASD for all your hard work, contributions, guidance and friendship. You truly are a superhuman.
Congratulations on receiving an award you had no part in organizing.