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Also, if you would like to study a topic in depth and need a book, check out our booklist.

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I’m interested in …

  • dream research papers and articles
    • There are some papers in the journal Dreaming and the Dream Time sections online. Many of our articles are in hard copy print. As a member you receive both. The journal Dreaming is available at many major libraries and universities.
  • an interpretation for my dream 
    • The focus on this site is the general exploration and study of dreams and dreaming, not specific interpretations. We recommend you read our ethics statement before soliciting or offering any dream interpretation.
      • The International Association for the Study of Dreams acknowledges the value and importance of the study of dreams and recognizes the responsibility inherent in such study and its consequent applications. The Association encourages its members to exemplify the highest standards of ethical behavior in whatever involvement they may have with dreams. Members are thus encouraged to do their utmost to respect the rights and dignity of other persons; to be honest, accurate and open-minded in the presentation of information and ideas; to insure privacy and confidentiality in dealing with clients, research subjects or members of the general public; and to prevent and avoid any situation where a conflict of interest may compromise the capacity for making prudent and objective decisions and responses.
      • In keeping with these broad principles, the Association considers it unethical, at its own conferences and programs, for members to use direct solicitation or persuasion for economic or self-aggrandizement. Presenters are expected to be honest and accurate in the communication of their own credentials and competencies.
  • information about an aspect of dreaming
    • Try the Common Questions sections first. If the answer you want is not there, you can use the Search engine. Also, for a variety of opinions, try our Facebook Group Page.
  • answers about nightmares 
  • answers about lucid dreaming 
  • interpretations of my dream 
    • The focus on this site is for the general exploration and study of dreams and dreaming, not specific interpretations. We recommend you read our ethics statement before attempting or soliciting dream interpretation. Also we have provided a selection of book references.
  • dream groups.
    • IASD offers workshops and groups at conferences and special workshops, but at this time there is no ongoing group or network of groups sponsored by IASD. Check with your Regional Representatives in your area, or you may post a request on our Facebook Group Page.
  • conversations about dreams and dreaming.
    • Please check our discussions section and plan to come to our conference! Also, be sure to visit our Facebook Group Page.
  • how to link to this site
    • You are free to link to this site. Please use the main link, https://www.asdreams.org

If you have research you would like to have published, please contact the Dreaming Editor or the Dream Time Editor.

  • how to get answers for my school paper assignment 
  • getting a book about dreams 
    • If you are not sure what you want, try the bookstore. There are also reviews of books from the Dream Time Bibliophile which are also very helpful. Always post your requests on the bulletin board, so others may suggest books as well.
  • finding a school or classes on dreaming
    • IASD does not offer a regular program outside of our conferences. However, we have a project that locates and lists Graduate Schools that offer dream education. Another IASD project is development of a dream doctoral program. In addition, we offer Continuing Education (CE) units at many of our conferences.

I’m still completely lost!

Still can’t find the answer to your question? Post your question on our Facebook Group Page. Post only general questions about dreams and dreaming. No interpretation of individual dreams is provided on this site.