Gayle Delaney, PhD.

Gayle Delaney, PhD
2012 IASD Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Personal Profile
2012 Lifetime Achievement Award Introduction to three of the founders of IASD. [edited] Within IASD, through the years, Gayle has presented at IASD conferences, written IASD our publications, been visible and vocal proponents of IASD and its goals. More importantly she has changed the understanding of dreams and dreamwork in the world community. Gayle graduated from Princeton University and received a doctorate in clinical psychology from Union Graduate School. She also studied at the CG Jung Institute in Switzerland and is fluent in English, French and Italian, and teaches dreamwork here in the US and abroad. In the early 1980s, Gayle joined Dr. Loma Flowers in opening the Delaney & Flowers Dream Center in San Francisco. Her Dream Interview Method of Interpretation became a classic. Who doesn’t remember, “I’m from Mars. What is a sword? Describe it for me…” Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but now describe a sword in words that an alien would understand. We ourselves are often the aliens in our dream worlds. Gayle has authored seven books including the best-seller Living Your Dreams, which sparked modern interest in dream incubation in 1980. It was a practical book and guide to help dreamers learn how to discover their dreams meanings and messages. Other books are: All About Dreams; In Your Dreams: Falling, Flying, and Other Dream Themes; (notice that all three honorees have focused on themes), Sensual Dreaming: How to Understand Erotic Content in Your Dreams; and Breakthrough Dreaming: How to Tap the Power of Your 24-Hour Mind, and The Dream Kit. Gayle has appeared on hundreds of popular shows and productions, is an expert figure skater, and a charismatic woman who serves as a rich resource for a sleeping public awakening them to the value of their dreams.