Secretary’s Archive

Send requests to the IASD Secretary, Kelly Lydick, M.A.

Lists available through Secretary.

  • Terms & Credentials List – (Updated August 2006)
  • Public list of Board Members and Officers, with E-mail

Annual Board Meeting and Membership Meeting Minutes upon request


  • IASD Procedures Manual – (as of Oct 30, 2013) Contact  IASD Office 

Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Consent forms, Highlights

E-Consent Form

  • E-Consent Form
  • You may email to ; fax to 1-209-724-0889; or mail to
    IASD E-Consent,P.O. Box 582 Folsom, CA 95763

Copies of Committee Reports Summaries may be obtained by contacting the Secretary, Kelly Lydick, M.A.