Patricia Garfield, PhD – 2012

Patricia Garfield, PhD
2012 IASD Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Personal Profile
2012 Lifetime Achievement Award Introduction to three of the founders of IASD. [edited] Within IASD, through the years, Patricia has presented at IASD conferences, written IASD our publications, been visible and vocal proponents of IASD and its goals. More importantly she has changed the understanding of dreams and dreamwork in the world community. At her mother’s suggestion, Patricia began recording her dreams as a young girl, and now has a personal collection of literally thousands of dreams. Is it any wonder that this early interest in dreams would lead her to earn her a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia. She taught psychology at several universities on the East and West Coasts, and is still teaching today, a course called Lifelong Dreaming to seniors at the Dominican University in San Rafael, CA. Patricia is also a best-selling author of Twelve books, of which her first, Creative Dreaming, published in 1974, is still so popular that it has been translated into 14 languages. Some of her other books are The Healing Power of Dreams; The Universal Dream Key: The 12 Most Common Dream Themes Around the World; The Dream Messenger: How Dreams of the Departed Bring Healing Gifts; Women’s Bodies, Women’s Dreams; Your Children’s Dreams, and The Dream Book, A Young Person’s Guide to Understand Dreams. This book received the 2002 Children’s Media Award sponsored by Parents’ Guide to Children Media. A companion for that book, called Dream Catcher; A Young Person’s Journal for Exploring Dreams provides a guide for children 8-10 years old. Patricia is a frequent guest on many major national and international radio, TV, and online venues. She is also an artist and a poet, ever graceful and elegant, and is ever gracious and willing to share her dream wisdom.