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        Graduate Studies in Dreams Call for Program Descriptions

The International Association for the Study of Dreams would like to provide detailed Web site descriptions of any graduate programs that support dream studies.  Prospective graduate students with interests in dreaming often know very little about the range of programs available.  Moreover, these students' advisors often are unaware of faculty at other universities whose expertise is relevant to their students' goals.  Consequently, the match between students and programs is often not optimal.

We are soliciting descriptions of opportunities for graduate study from as many universities as possible.  We want to collate those descriptions and place them on the IASD Web site so that they are widely available and readily accessible.  To be successful, this project requires that one contact person provide a description of the opportunities for graduate study that are available at his/her institution.  I am hoping that you will be one such contact person.

If so, please follow the attached guidelines to prepare a description of the opportunities available for dream studies at your institution.  Please respond regardless of whether your institution offers an entire program in dream studies or whether you individually supervise graduate students in some area of dream research or scholarship.

Please Send material to the IASD Web Manager


Special Thanks to Don Kuiken for establishing this project, providing the guidelines and the original survey. Thanks to G. W. Domhoff for the 2000 update.


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