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Dream Donors 2023

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IASD Donors for 2023 Annual Pledge Drive

Give the gift of dreams for the holidays and all year through.  Your gift might be the reason someone receives a dream research grant, a prize for dream art, a conference scholarship, or a life-saving connection.

Fundraising Thermometer - CouponBirds Seedling Project

We set the goal at $10,000 for this annual eventCouponBirds

Thank you to members and nonmembers alike who have stepped forward during this 2023 Pledge Drive to provide IASD with generous donations.  We set the goal at $10,000 for this annual event, but we will happily exceed that goal.

IASD is a 501(c)3 US nonprofit organization.  Please consult with your personal tax advisor regarding charitable deductions for 2022.

IASD supports the dreamers who
produce and work with dreams.

UPDATED 2-5-2024

Kevin Crivello

Nancy Weston

Sophie Boudrias

Kate Swol

Jill Griggs

Dr. Curtiss Hoffman

Dr Adhip Rauval

Joy Fatooh

Laurie Slade

Cindy Bishop

Marta Arli

Robert J. Hoss

Dr. Walter Smith

Marlise Brauchli

John Rowe

Cynthia Pearson and the H.M. Bitner Trust

Kim Vergil

Christian Gerike

Bei Linda Tang

Brecklyn Walters

Dr. and Re Thomas Lane

Alexander Brezken

Mary Beth Bronk

Christine Anderson

Martha Taylor

Valley Reed

Bob Cle

Robert Moss

Bhaskar Banerji

Sherry Puricelli

Ryan Hurd

Nori Muster  and the Bill Muster Foundation

Anne Wild-Rocheleau 

Idolina Suza


If you have other clever suggestions on how to raise money for IASD, please let us know.


If you are a frequent flyer and have extra flying points to spare, please contact the IASD office at to see if we can match you to any dreamers in need of a flight to our annual conference.

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