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Since IASD began in the early 1980s, it has provided a home for dreams: for researchers exploring the nature of sleep and dreaming, for psychotherapists working to learn more about the dream for work with clients, and for a wide variety of people from many countries and walks of life who are dreamers. All of these people see the dream as a valuable path toward self understanding and toward exploring a complex universe.

November 2021

During the past two years of COVID distress, IASD has survived and thrived with the support of a loyal membership and a connected group of dreamers, unlike many other small businesses and nonprofits. You have our thanks for this.

However, during this year’s Pledge Drive, IASD needs your support even more!

This is a year of change for IASD. We are sad to announce that our Central Office Manager, Richard Wilkerson, will be embarking on his retirement in 2022 and there is an active search currently being conducted to replace him. Although IASD will remain essentially the same, a change this large brings added expenses and the need for community support.

We will continue this year to ask for your support of programs which provide aid to dreams and dreamers: the annual Art Awards, Diversity training for Board members and staff, Dream Research Awards, the Ernest Hartmann Student Awards, and many other programs which benefit the entire dreaming community.

But no matter what program you select for the direction of your funds, we ask you to give generously.

Thank you for being part of the IASD community!

The IASD Executive Committee and its Advisors:
Maureen Boyd Biro
Angel Morgan
Michelle Carr
Robert J. Hoss
Leslie Ellis
David Kahn
Robert Waggoner
Jean Campbell
Kelly Lydick

The programs which IASD provides through your donations are the heart of the organization. Six donation categories are offered for your funding preference: Dream Research, Dream Education, Outreach to Dreamers, Dream Arts, IASD Diversity, and General Operations.

Dream Research:
This category includes the Dream Science Foundation Research Grants, which encourage new research in the field of dream study.

Dream Education:
In addition to funding the Rev. Jeremy Taylor Memorial Education Fund which provides conference and educational scholarships, these education donations offer course development funding for such programs as the Dream Study Groups Program, programs for young people, and the development of other new online programs.

Outreach to Dreamers:
Through our outreach programs we offer low-income and student memberships as well as partial conference scholarships, to those in financial need. The Ernest Hartmann Student Research Award is one primary means by which IASD offers annual awards  to encourage participation from young dreamers..

Dream Arts:
The IASD Art Awards are designed to promote and fund the juried Dream Art Exhibition at IASD’s annual conference and to encourage the development of dreamers in all areas of the visual arts. 

IASD Diversity:
This category supports IASD’s pledge to grow an intentional inclusive process for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) with expertise or interest in dreams, expand the ethnic diversity of the IASD and increase the ethnic diversity of invited speakers at future conferences. It also supports programs such as Diversity training for the IASD Board and Staff, DEI dream research grants, BIPOC conference scholarships, and Culture-Keeper memberships. Click here for the Dreams and Ethnicity portal.

General Operations:
Categories of funding such as Staff and Board Development Programs and supplemental programs, as well as upgrades in web-related services are funded by this important area of donations.

Please Note: If your donation preferences are not reflected by the above choices, a category labeled “other,” with a dialog box is also available for your use on the Pledge/Donation form.

Disclaimer: IASD invites you to state your preferences for your donated funds by selecting one or more of the donation categories listed above. Your guidance will help us to direct the funds which we base on donor preferences as well as the most urgent need.

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