40th Anniversary Events


Throughout 2023, IASD will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary: forty years of encouraging dream knowledge and wisdom.  And we are inviting all dreamers, everywhere, to celebrate along with us.

We have some special events planned, created by IASD members and committees.  Thank you to all of these dedicated volunteers for giving generously of their time.  We hope you’ll join us all year long!

  • International…The idea that would become the International Association for the Study of Dreams was born in the early 1980s when six prominent dream professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA began exploring the idea of a conference to promote dream research, dreamwork and the importance of dreams. In 1983 they formed the group they named Dream Workers International, later that year changing it to Dream Research Society, then Association for the Study of Dreams. The word “International” was officially re-added in 2004, but we have always welcomed members from around the globe. We now have around 600 members, on every continent except Antarctica. Read more…
  • Join us in celebrating the 40th anniversary of IASD in this series of talks where experienced IASD researchers discuss the major developments in dream studies over the past 40 years. The talks are spread over the year, aimed for anyone interested in dreams, free of charge, organized via Zoom, and recorded for later access. Each talk will highlight a specific topic in dream studies, and the themes range from lucid dreaming and nightmares to the function of dreaming and how dreams are an essential part of our societies. The talks are 30 min each, followed by a 30 min interactive discussion period.  Registration for each talk will be separately advertised through IASD. Click here for more information and to register...
    • Keep an eye on the IASD monthly newsletter Dream News.  Composer Curtiss Hoffman, PhD, will provide pieces from the Major Arcana of his “Musical Dream Tarot.”  These pieces have been created from the composer’s dreams. Click here for monthly music.


January 2023

Winter issue of IASD’s DreamTime: Board members respond to “I joined IASD because…”

January 29, 2023: Victor Lee Lewis Benefit for IASD Diversity, airing and discussion of The Color of Fear


February 2023

IASD asks all members and others to encourage communication about dreams and dreaming.  Share your dreams with a friend.

March 2023

March 1, 2023: IASD Dream Studies Group Program begins its 4th year. 

March 11, 2023: Research Series Lecture: Free and Open to the Public with Daniel Erlacher, PhD / Lucid Dreaming  

April 2023

April 29, 2023: Research Series Lecture: Free and Open to the Public with Antonio Zadra, PhD / Nightmares

   May 2023

 June 2023

June 18-22, 2023: IASD Annual Conference in Ashland, Oregon   COME DREAM WITH US!

June 18 at the Conference there will be a showing of a short, 40th Anniversary film by videographer Christine Anderson

July 2023

IASD Membership Committee conducts a fun survey on IASD`s 40th anniversary so that you can look back on your participation/involvement in the organization.

Plus, the survey will ask you some key questions about your dreaming life.

Please join and have fun!  The results will be compiled and sent to you to show who we are.

August 2023

Try your psi!  Since the first Precognitive Dream Contest in 2002, participants have enjoyed trying to dream…ahead of time…of a target picture chosen randomly AFTER all their dream reports have been sent in.

Join us the last weekend in August for a time traveling, multidimensional joy ride!

September 2023

September 23, 2023: Research Series Lecture: Free and Open to the Public with Katja Valli, PhD/ Why Do We Dream?

November 2023 – Zoom Book Launch to Support IASD Diversity Programs

Please click here and donate to IASD Diversity. This category supports IASD’s pledge to grow an intentional inclusive process for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) with expertise or interest in dreams, expand the ethnic diversity of IASD, and increase the ethnic diversity of invited speakers at future conferences.

December, 2023

December 2, 2023: Research Series Lecture: Free and Open to the Public with Kelly Bulkeley, PhD/ Dreams and Society