Special June Online Offerings


Because we are unable to hold the annual IASD Conference this year due to pandemic conditions, we invite you to join us in this special set of online events which will allow members to experience some of the magic of our annual conference while still staying safely at home.

Schedule of Events

Sunday, June 14, 2020 on Zoom
Understanding and Working with Disturbed Dreaming a theme for IASD online Keynote Event

Facilitator: Leslie Ellis, PhD

Three of the Conference Keynote speakers who were to present at the IASD conference are offering versions of their talks online on June 14. All speakers will address the timely theme of working with disturbing dreams and nightmares.

All talks will be 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute Question and Answer Period.  There will be a 15 minute break between each of the presentations.

Begins at 10 a.m. PDT/ 1 p.m. EDT/5 p.m. GMT

Leslie Ellis, PhD – Combining Focusing and Jung: An embodied-experiential approach to working with dreams and nightmares

This talk weaves the embodied-experiential dreamwork techniques developed by Carl Jung and Eugene Gendlin into a practice that demonstrates how experience creates meaning. Using Gendlin’s philosophy of the implicit as a theory to ground dreamwork, Leslie Ellis will demonstrate through personal and clinical examples how dreamwork can be a fluid, moment-by-moment process; a certain kind of attention invites dreams to shift into waking imaginal journeys that bring fresh perspectives, insight and change.

Dr. Leslie Ellis is an author, teacher, speaker and psychotherapist who teaches other therapists how to work with dreams, complex trauma and the body. She is President of The International Focusing Institute, and author of A Clinician’s Guide to Dream Therapy. Her dreamwork practices combine focusing and Jungian techniques to create a depth-experiential approach to working with dreams and the body.

Begins at 11:15 a.m. PDT/ 2:15 p.m. EDT/ 6:15 pm. GMT

Robert Hoss, MS – Dreams Our Source of Resilience, in Times of Stress and Trauma

Dreaming appears to provide an emotional problem-solving capability, a natural source of resilience, helping us to better adapt to the adversities and uncertainties in life. The supporting theory, research and a host of dream vignettes will be discussed, from dreams that deal with life’s impacts and transitions, to post-traumatic nightmares. He will discuss the increasing body of research that suggests dreaming has an adaptive, restorative, emotional problem-solving function. Examples will include of a 45-year study of the nightmares of a veteran with PTSD, dreams from the current Covid-19 crisis and lucid dream practices that demonstrate the benefit of direct interaction with nightmares.

Robert Hoss, MS is a director and past president of IASD, directs the DreamScience Foundation and is a Haden Institute faculty instructor. Author/editor of: Dreams: Understanding Biology, Psychology & CultureDreams that Change Our LivesDream to FreedomDream Language and published in 12 other dreaming related books and journals. www.dreamscience.org

Begins 12:30 p.m. PDT/ 3:30 p.m. EDT/ 7:30 p.m. GMT

Michael Nadorff, PhD (Invited) – Bad dreams and Nightmares: Causes, Correlates, and Interventions

Although people are often quick to describe their dreams, most are more reticent about their bad dreams and nightmares.  Why do we have bad dreams and nightmares, what effect do they have, and what can be done about them?  This presentation will address these questions through blending both old and new literature, as well as presenting some original data, to gain a better understanding of what makes these dreams different.

Dr. Nadorff is an associate professor of psychology and director of the clinical psychology doctoral program at Mississippi State University.  His research program focuses on the intersection between insomnia, nightmares, and suicidal behavior across the lifespan.  Dr. Nadorff’s work has been supported by NIMH and SAMHSA, with Dr. Nadorff being awarded more than $2.5 million in federal grant funding.

Monday, June 15, IASD Zoom Meeting Room
Scheduled for:  12pm EDT to 1.30pm EDT
(9am to 10.30am PDT; 4pm to 5:30pm GMT)
Facilitator: Board Chair Anna-Karin Björklund

This free event is open to all members and non-members. The General Membership Meeting is chaired by our Board Chair, Anna-Karin Björklund, and includes a Presidential Address, introducing new Board members, learning about IASD research grants, student awards, conference plans, and other committee and financial news from IASD leadership. A zoom link will be posted closer to the meeting.  

Instructions to gain access to the forum will be sent to those to sign up to participate in the contest. Check your emails!
Facilitators: Cynthia Pearson and Robert Waggoner

Can a popular PsiberDreaming contest be converted into an ongoing IASD offering, one that would raise funds for, and awareness of, our organization? Check out this Introduction to a pilot Precognitive Dream Contest from facilitators Cynthia Pearson and Robert Waggoner, then join them in dreaming up the future.

Runs throughout these Special June Online Events and will remain online

IASD’s Visual Arts Committee proudly presents a free online art exhibition, open during IASD’s Special June Online Offerings.

The Visual Arts Committee creates an international, culturally-diverse visual art counterpart, providing platforms for dream-inspired art professionals within the IASD and wider community. The committee curates and manages an international juried art exhibition at each annual IASD conference, aiming to include the “voices” of the artists and their art works within the conference program, providing an alternate avenue of exploring and understanding dreams.

As there is no opportunity to exhibit and see art in-person this year, there will be no cash awards, no people’s choice and no jury. However, we are grateful for the chance to offer a free exhibit that can be enjoyed digitally from the comfort and safety of home, all around the world!

We thank all contributing artists for giving us the opportunity to display their beautiful artwork and share their dreams, and the coordination team involved in setting up the online show:

Julie Nauman-Mikulski & Laura Atkinson – Art Gallery Coordinators
Kim Vergil (chair), Julie Nauman-Mikulski, Roberto Gongloff, Kimberly Mascaro, Walter Berry, Delia Puiatti – IASD Visual Arts Committee, Art Gallery Coordination


IASD is dedicated not only to dreams, but to the dream of seeing all of our international membership safe and healthy.  However, due to the need to cancel our annual membership conference, the organization has encountered a considerable loss of income this year.  We sincerely appreciate and welcome your assistance.

Everyone can participate, with or without making a donation; however, in order to receive the Zoom participation links, we require that you register.  Links will be sent to participants prior to the beginning of the Special June Online Offerings.