PsiberDreaming 2016

2015 Psiber Tuning In to the Frequency


When we turn down our noisy thoughts and slip into dreams, do we tune in to another frequency? Can we then match wavelengths with those of others, sense subtle vibrations of things, pick up on signals from far away? Can we learn to turn to the frequency of our choice? What do we learn by attuning to frequently-repeating patterns of symbols in our dreams? As our eyes make color from frequencies of light and our ears find music in patterns of sound, do our dreams tune in to frequencies of reception and connection, insight and delight?

Tuning in to the Frequency invites these ideas and more to IASD’s 15th annual PsiberDreaming Online Conference, as once again we tune in to one another around the world and beyond.

Each year, IASD selects a maximum number of twenty-four PsiberDreaming proposals for conference presentation. These proposals are evaluated for general interest, for relevance to the conference theme, and for the presentation of basic skills in understanding psi dream phenomena.

Deadline:  September 11, 2016

colourful wave effect created from traces of multicoloured lightsThe PsiberDreaming Art Gallery is looking for your creative submission. Whether you are a professional artist or non-artist, the online gallery provides an additional avenue of expression, taking viewers along on a visual journey as you tell the dream. We appreciate each submission to the gallery, and are inspired by the artwork and the dream story. We hope that this gallery will serve first and foremost as a place where dreamers of all levels of artistic ability are encouraged to display artwork based on their dreams. We value the authenticity of the connection between the original dream, and the work that follows it. We look forward to your entry as we consider “Tuning in to the Frequency.”  Click here for more information and how to submit artwork>>>


This is an old-fashioned conference: two weeks of fun online all the time, 24/7, with global participation. Because participants can tune in at any time, there are no “real-time” video presentations or activities, aside from occasional chats. We use a php discussion board.

Along with two new presentations to read and discuss each day of the conference, PsiberDreaming includes other areas for you to enjoy: The PsiberDreaming Art Gallery (open to all dreamers), A Place For Dreams, Contests and Games for your participation, and the ever-popular Outer Inn.


Click here to register for psiberdreaming 2016Registration for PsiberDreaming 2016 is now open. Since this annual conference is also a way of welcoming new members to IASD, anyone who becomes a member of IASD for the first time between August 1 and the end of the Conference will receive an invitation to attend “Tuning In to the Frequency” absolutely free.


  • Non-IASD Member $65
  • IASD Member $60
  • All Students with Valid ID $45