2023 Precognitive Dream Contest

We’re Celebrating IASD’s 40th Anniversary with an Online Precognitive Dream Contest

Try your psi! Since the first Precognitive Dream Contest in 2002, participants have enjoyed trying to dream ahead of time of a target picture chosen randomly AFTER all their dream reports have been send in.

Join us August 24 – 28 for a time traveling, multidimensional joy ride!

Welcome to the Precognitive Dreaming Contest

Brought to you by IASD’s psi contest committee members, Cynnie Pearson, Robert Waggoner, Maureen Boyd Biro & Sherry Puricelli

How the Precognitive Dream Contest Works

Participants follow the instructions below to try dreaming ahead of time of a target picture that will be randomly selected on Sunday, August 27, 2023. All entries must be submitted the day before, no later than midnight Eastern Daylight Time (9 PM PDT), on Saturday, August 26. Contest committee members then review each entry and “Precognitive Dream Champs” will be announced on Monday, August 28.

Precognitive Dream Contest Instructions

1)  Take these instructions to bed with you on Thursday, August 24.

2) Make sure you have pen & paper or recording device within easy reach of your bedside.

3) Read over this paragraph at bedtime:

I am requesting information from my dreams. Tonight, I will have a dream of the target picture that will be chosen on Sunday, August 27. I will waken with the dream fresh in my mind. I will remember the dream imagery easily and experience the contest target clearly. I will be able to understand the target picture in the same way that I will when I see it later on my screen.

4) Repeat these instructions to yourself as you fall asleep.

5) Record your dreaming as soon as you wake up, even if it’s the middle of the night. Be as descriptive as you can, and illustrations are encouraged. If you record more than one dream, please give each a number.

6) Email your dreams to sw33tdreams@asdreams.org before midnight, Eastern Daylight Time (9 PM Pacific Time) on Saturday, August 26 . (FYI, that’s 6:00 on 27 August, Central European Summer Time)

7) You may use your own name or a pseudonym, but do provide us with some means of identifying you.

Want to know more? See a summary of previous contests at http://dreamjournalist.com/newprecogsummary.htm

Update: 8/27/2023
Click here for the Target Picture