Regional Representative Duties

Regional Representative Duties

(updated 4-22-2019)

Interested in becoming a Regional Representative? Contact the IASD Regional Events Committee Chair, Michelle Carr [mcarr4 at].

 IASD Regional Representative Duties

To be a Regional Representative of IASD is a privilege and an opportunity to build the dream community in your geographic region and also be part of a worldwide network of IASD Regional Reps. As you represent IASD you are asked to serve as an ambassador of the organization and help to further IASD’s aims with members. What does it mean to serve as contact? Well, minimally that you will be listed on our Regional Reps List and your contact info (email and location, not personal address or phone) will be listed on our website as well. Then you will be asked to greet/contact the members in your area as they renew their memberships and also greet/welcome new members as they join.

In becoming a Regional Rep you agree to the following basic requirements:

  •  maintain an active membership in IASD
    • serve as the contact person for your designated geographic region
    • affirm that you are familiar with the IASD code of ethics (see website for statement), and adhere to it in any practices or events you might create under the aegis of IASD
    • protect membership info sent to you in a confidential manner and not use it for programs, publishing, personal or professional work of your own
    • represent IASD in a positive manner as the ambassador and further the aims of IASD as you contact members
    • greet new and renewing members in your area with personal contact as they join or renew memberships

The IASD Regional Events Committee is responsible for the Regional Reps network that is growing as a team as and fulfills local contact needs. Angel Morgan on the IASD Regional Events Committee works closely with the Membership Team and Office Manager. Angel sends the Regional Reps the names of new and renewing members for the Reps to contact. This happens on a monthly basis. So, if a member joins in your region, you would get that registration from Angel and it would be your responsibility to contact that member.

Additionally, we ask Regional Reps who attend the annual conference to come to a Regional Reps meeting at the conference and also participate in a Regional lunch, organized so that members can meet each other by region as well as meet their reps. These are some of the ways that we build community in IASD.

There are other opportunities for Regional Reps. These include creating local events, from very small to large. An example of a small event might be an evening in someone’s home to talk about dreams or a meeting at a local public venue like a restaurant. Larger regional events are usually open to the public and may be an evening to multi-day program. They may or may not be hosted by the Regional Rep for a given area, but usually the Regional Rep would be a host, co-host, or supporter of such events. Sometimes Regional Reps from several regions will co-host a common event. For events larger than an informal get together at a home or restaurant, we ask that the Regional Rep contact the Chair of the Regional Events Committee regarding plans, and then submit a Regional Events Approval Form and Budget Template which will be supplied upon request. See the Regional Guidelines for more information. IASD asks that revenue from such events be split 50/50 between IASD and sponsor should there be revenue involved.

In return IASD’s name can be used (after approval of the event). IASD also offers publicity/advertising help and in some cases will provide modest seed money for the event. In the case of co-sponsored events there are some different factors that can be discussed if they arise.

So, this should give you some basic information about Regional Reps and IASD sponsored Regional Events.