Regional Guidelines

Guidelines for IASD Regional Meetings and Co-Sponsored Events

IASD encourages its members to host regional meetings and co-sponsored events, and IASD will provide logistical and financial support to promote such events.

The benefits of regional meetings and co-sponsored events are twofold. First, they help IASD members in a particular geographical region to meet each other, socialize, network, and share their different approaches to dreams. Second, they help to advance the basic mission of IASD, which is to broaden public awareness and appreciation of dreams.

Although these are the primary goals, another aim is to generate new funds for IASD’s educational and outreach programs.

Different Models

An IASD regional meeting is a gathering managed solely by IASD members. A co- sponsored event is managed jointly by the IASD and another group, association, or institution. Both are open to participation by non-IASD members.

Within these two basic models, many different kinds of events can be organized. For example, a number of regional meetings have been held in people’s homes, and have simply involved dream-sharing, informal discussion, and a group meal. Another regional meeting involved an all-day workshop presented by a prominent dream therapist. A co- sponsored event was held in conjunction with a graduate school and offered 8 different workshops and lectures for the almost 100 attendees.

Gatherings of various sizes and levels of complexity are possible–the IASD encourages members to use whatever format they think will work best in their particular area.

Basic Guidelines:

If you are interested in organizing a regional meeting or co-sponsored event, the IASD is eager to help you make it happen. The following are some basic guidelines:

Contact the IASD board as soon as possible with a proposal (including information on dates, location, format, registration fees, anticipated size, etc.). The IASD executive officer and/or her designee will be assigned to work with you on strategy, logistics, and finances. All publicity, pamphlets, other printed matter, and financial arrangements will be reviewed by this liason.

On a case-by-case basis, the IASD will provide financial support for printing, postage, and publicity. With regional meetings, any profits will go to the IASD’s educational and outreach programs. With co-sponsored events, an agreement must be made with the other group, association, or institution prior to the event regarding any profits.

Policies regarding IASD member discounts, ethics, and product sales are the same at regional meetings and co- sponsored events as they are at IASD annual conferences.

Whatever format you use, the meeting or event should give attendees a sense of the broad diversity of approaches used by people who study dreams.

In organizing the activity you should communicate with other local dream-related groups and organizations, to promote networking and mutual assistance.

Regional meetings and co-sponsored events should not be scheduled so as to compete with the IASD’s annual conference. However, the IASD encourages people to organize activities right before the annual conference (to build up local interest) and right afterwards (to carry forward the interest from the conference).

These guidelines are intended to be as flexible as possible, to allow for maximal innovation and creativity in organizing these activities. People who have organized regional meetings and co-sponsored events have found them to be very enjoyable and rewarding experiences. We welcome your proposals!

For further information, contact the IASD central office.