5th European IASD Regional Conference

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5th IASD European Regional Conference is now scheduled from
07.-08. of November 2014
in Rome, Italy

The full conference fee includes:

  • Conference program
  • Coffee breaks and small snacks will be served on Friday and Saturday.

Keynote speakers
Prof. Bruno Bara (University of Turin)
Dr. Jennifer M. Windt (University of Mainz, Germany)

“If it be merely the soul, acting of itself, and quiet by the suspension of the senses, which is the only cause and subject of all your sleeping ideas, whence is it, that they are almost ever irrational, irregular, and incoherent? Can it be, that, in the time of the soul’s most abstract quietude, its imagination should be the most confused? Is it fantastical when free?”, Voltaire, Philosophical Dictionary

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A downloadable version of The Varieties of Dreaming program / brochure is available in .pdf fomat by clicking on the above image.

The word “dream” is not univocal: It can indicate a mental state, a neurophysiological process, a future project, a private desire, a pathetic illusion, among other meanings. Such a polyvalence of the name implies a polyvalence of the concept: when saying “dream”, one can mean the brain process that instantiates during sleep, the contents of such a process, the mental state of imagination, the imagined content, and so on. To reduce this polyvalence to an ambiguity, “dream” can mean both the mental process and its contents. Thus, one can distinguish between dream as act and dream as act-content. According to this perspective, one can claim that a univocal view is not enough to approach a multifaceted phenomenon. Though the neurobiological description of the dream process remains the unavoidable basis for any rigorous investigation on dreaming, such a description does not encompass a few other aspects that can be taken into account in dealing with the dream state.

Overview of the theme, scope, and focus
The conference will propose an interdisciplinary discussion on dreaming that will focus on the diverse perspectives able to provide a comprehensive understanding of what it is like to dream. Hence, medical and neurophysiological explanations of the dream experience will be accompanied by and compared with analyses coming from the research fields of psychology, psychotherapy, cognitive science, philosophy, and art. In this way, the conference aims at offering a variegated reading of the most common and mysterious phenomenon of mental life.

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The conference will take place at the UNICEF Italian Commette building. The location lies very close to the main railway station; the city centre, restaurants and most hotels are in walking distance.

Organization Team / Conference Committee
Nicola Zippel (Host)
Giuseppe Lago (Program Chair, Scientific Track)
Stefano Martellotti (Program Chair, Workshops)
Tiziana Liverani (On-Site Registration)
Susannah Benson – Claude Desloges (IASD connection)

Registration and fees

Date IASD Member Non-Members Students
before 01.10.2014 100 € 130 € 70 €
after 01.10.2014 130 € 160 € 80 €

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Associazione Eutime Onlus.
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00186 ROMA – ITALY

The full conference fee includes:

  • Conference program
  • Coffee breaks and small snacks will be served on Friday and Saturday.

The conference fee does not include:


Massimo Biondi, Francesco Peverini, Carlo Blundo, Giuseppe Tropeano, Alberto Oliverio, Fulvia Adriano, Riccardo de Sanctis, Antonio Petracca, Maria Grazia Capillo.