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Bob Van de Castle and I were gratified as always by the rich dreams that were submitted for the telepathy contest. The four rather complex pictures in the target pool were constructed by Linda Lane Magallón and then placed in sealed envelopes, unseen by anyone at the conference.  One of  those pictures was selected at random by sender Peggy Coats. She gave the game a new twist by very ably telepathically sending that target picture, but surprise, surprise, she herself dreamt of another picture in the pool!  It led to an interesting mix of dreams, some of which were close to the actual target, some to what she dreamt, and still others  to the two unselected pictures in the pool.  See Dale Graff and Ed Kellogg articles, outlining their experiences and observations about the different ways in which dreamers might  relate to the target, some connecting at the meaning/feeling level and others at the form level. 

  The contest was open to anyone who wished to participate via the Internet, following the same procedures as for those who were present at the conference. We wish to thank all who participated,  those who provided the online assistance, especially Richard Wilkerson, Scott Hughes, Jean Campbell, Linda Magallón, Ed Kellogg,  and Peggy Coats, and our capable judges, Dale Graff, Linda Magallón and Bob Van de Castle.


select for larger pictureTARGET PICTURE(#2): (15 ENTRIES) Background, Sheet of music, ending with words, 'into the dream, into the dream. Transposed over the musical composition is a cup of cocoa, saucer, and spoon,  eight gingerbread persons in a curving line around the right side of the cup singing and dancing with a ninth gingerbread figure reclining in the contents of the cup. On the left side, grapes are falling to the saucer and beyond, two strawberries on the right, and more fruit on the bottom, oranges, raspberries, pears, lime, peach, etc. (15 entries)


AND THE WINNERS WERE: First place: Gerda Williams-Kalt who dreamt, 'We are sitting around a table eating a large pizza. My daughter comes in and puts candy (kind of jellybeans) on top of the pizza; suddenly the candy turns into little people and start dancing."

  Second place: Michelle Ferrante who dreamt, "My vision is a cat inside of a bowl of fruit. The cat is moving and fruit is falling from the bowl." 

  OTHER HITS ON TARGET: (Dreams excerpted or abbreviated):  Curtiss Hoffman "making corrections to a rectangular chart...When I'm done, I sit down and play a piano"; Liz Diaz also picks up the musical connection,  'I see a tuning fork in a U shape that is silver. It is just hanging there in the sky. They will use it to begin the vibration sounding." She also saw "people in a line". Tjitske Wijngaard gets " a glimpse of feet, also in a circle". I,  Rita, watched 'kids doing cheerleading, making letters, having fun, " "'A man comes in with a plate or plates of foreign delicacies, stacked up somehow...watching children in a dream."

  Belden Johnson sees "a man in a raspberry suit", Pat Kampmeier didn't see the little gingerbread people but " a rack of dresses, a curved rack or semicircular, the dresses in those heavy vinyl see-through bags..." She had imagery of children and of a dinner party, and of roses. Sometimes we seem to pick up each other's dream imagery: Though there were no flowers in the target, others tuned into floral images, such as Betsy Woods who dreamt of ' two small pink roses in a container, and somewhere two more little roses", and Glenda Christiaens who reported three pink carnations in a milk jug.

Richard Shifflett may have been connecting with Curt's "chart"  above, for Richard dreamt, "Another white rectangular card. This time the words are enclosed in bubble with arrows pointing between them like some diagram. I can not read the words..." Others jumped in with geometric forms, such as Rondi Forks who dreamt a large circle with four smaller circles at each corner of the page, much like Curt's diagram, and Jodine Grundy's "complex form, lower right, two shapes black and white just like a diagram, circles with stick like pieces."

DREAM PRECOGNITION: Ed Kellogg tried a precognitive approach--in fact, he gave his dream report to me two days early.  In a lucid dream, he tried to intentionally tune into the target image, which manifested a "helicopter" image which had much in common with the central target image, including its general shape, its predominant colors of gray and orange, and the implied spiral movement. The rest of Ed's dream also had  precognitive material relating to the reception that followed the announcement and instructions for this year's Dream Telepathy  event.  (see Kellogg article here)

  WAKING LIFE SYNCHRONICITY:  Marc Barasch  commented "...yesterday I found myself saying to someone, rather to my (and their) perplexity, >Run, run, run as fast as you can, can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!' " 

   NON-TARGET PICTURE OF WHICH SENDER PEGGY COATS DREAMT: #3 (TWELVE ENTRIES) There were five sections, almost like puzzle pieces, the upper one (largest) of a woman in white, painting an ancient ruin with classic columns, a temple perhaps? She sits on a sandy seashore, with her easel and paints. The background has mist over the water and dark clouds looming. The lower segments, left to right, show two goldfish swimming in an underwater reef, a dark figure of a woman diving deep down into blue water, leaving trail of bubbles, and the ruined building with columns which the artist is painting now displayed against a watery background.

 Peggy Coats, sender, had this dream, "I open the door to a freezer and remove the ice cube tray. As I'm standing there, I notice movement--a black figure begins to emerge from within the ice--it reminds me of the creature from the Black Lagoon. I suddenly realize that this is an alien being, and I quickly shut the freezer door to prevent it from coming out."

 "Trac and Tram" sent in this electronic entry,  "As I drifted to sleep, I asked for the image to come to me in my dreams. Funny,  the image just popped up before me right then. I saw a humpback whale making a beautiful dive into very blue waters. It was just this, so I thought I might dream about it more, but I didn't.  But the image was extremely clear. I told my partner about it this morning and we looked at the pictures together, and there it was. I thought at first the woman diving was my whale.."


Richard Wilkerson picked up on the temple image, "I'm walking with a member from the ASD International Committee from Greece. We are discussing how to put up a series of pictures he's going to get about ancient dream temples..." and Belden Johnson on the woman, "A swan-like woman, all white, with wing-like clothing, near water."  Marc Barasch translated the blue squares into a piece of clothing for himself, "Looking in a square mirror and seeing myself in a squarish jacket with large clear sky-blue squares with pipings of yellow sunlight." He also connected with the columned building, "The stone column entrance of an estate--a square archway that serves as a gateway-have to get there by going through a cemetery of upright weathered headstones. " Richard Schifflett had a hypnogogic image, "stylized image of water flow, similar to Japanese woodblock print..."Tallulah Lyons dreamt up a "foggy atmosphere, an unfinished structure..."

 Holly Scofield , "I dreamed of running through misty water, like a giant fountain or shower. I am soaked but not wet?  A giant insect hovers over me, maybe a spider. Its fluid (the water) sucks me up inside its body into its egg sac. The eggs are all around me..." Roger Martinez picked up on the "not wet" aspect,  "I walk across a stream, crossing large stones which the water is crossing over like a fountain., I step on water but don't really get wet. ...He also had imagery of a woman's breasts--the artist in white shows some cleavage.

 Maureen Munroe tunes into the painting aspect and dreams of a serving tray, with an old-world TH Benson style painting on it...mosaic-like puzzle tray", and thinks she will "save it and project it and do a large-reproduction painting of it. " In another dream she sees two fish/birds which are flying /swimming outside the window in the air...Jodine Grundy also picks up on the fish, "Unusual element can't quite get--FISH--I think... Words jail, bars, cage--come through and the position of the main figure. Outdoor feeling, white sheets on clothes line..."

 Curtiss Hoffman tunes in from his archeological interests. In his dream, he is digging at a site with some students, when a plane crashes near a reservoir.  They peer down, "the water is clear and fairly shallow, we can't see anything down there. Some of the students have found a little wreckage washed up onto the shore, including a triangular slice of layer cake on a small plastic plate."  Part of the gingerbread party?




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PICTURE #1: (12 ENTRIES) Hand in right foreground reaching to magician in black robe bedecked with golden stars and moon. He has a  wizard's cap on his long, white hair, is bearded and wears glasses. Lightning crackles from the hands, and in the red background are five books floating in mid-air, top one opened, and three underneath, Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens) and Ivanhoe (Walter Scott), title obscured, can see only "WO".


ASD's Central Officer Manager Sue Moreno was judged closest hit with "I'm in my room, can't change my clothes because there's a kid in there, playing a video game--I tell him to leave and I start pulling out clothes--I have more than I think--shirts, etc. and I pull out this nice, beautiful robe with moons and stars on it...

  Other entrants who touched on some aspects of the picture included Dream Time's new Editor

Richard Russo who reported "Jeremy Taylor, big, burly, bearded, glasses, >magician of Dreams' is bringing me a book.  He enters my house...Jeremy crawls onto the bed where I am lying and puts the book next to my head, the initials: WMC, and the letters "WMW". There were numerous book dreams, like Stan Krippner's, "A publisher approached me with a book project or two in mind. ..second book was a romantic novel, based on a  forthcoming film, with adventure, love and exotic locales." Maybe like Tale of Two Cities or Ivanhoe? Stan also mentioned  another book on intelligence testing,  and Jill Van Giesen had a dream in which "Male intellectualism" and the moon are mentioned and a bearded man with glasses in a caftan is acting as teacher.

  Tjitske Wijngaard connected with the robe, and saw "four women/shapes, three light, one dark ...in flowing garments which cover everything for the crown of  their head to the tip of their toes"...Glenda Christiaens drew an irregular spider web which looked like lightning, and Betsy Davids had books all over the place in her dreams that night, "A teddy bear opening a book," and in an apartment, "my dream apartment is a large high-ceilinged place...all I can do is try to arrange some books for display"...She also sets up book displays atop a newspaper stand in the street, and "at the entrance, a construction site has displaced one of my displays of books from Mills, which are now stacked on a library cart, on their sides. All that's visible of  the three large fawn-colored books is their marbled edges in a green pattern..."

  Stretching visual connections into strangeness is Laurel McCabe's  image of "a sacred heart" which shows its venal and arterial entry points and some lines along the bottom of her drawing. If the red background of the pool picture is looked at with a  slightly  unfocused gaze, it appears to resemble a red human heart.  SaoSD"aol.com picks up on this, too:"The overall design is either suggestive of or is a heart or wings..." SaoSD may have selected #1, but the dream description could also fit the sent target, "something written across the bottom as well... whiteness ...Norman Rockwellish...pink ribbon or line which makes an upward arcing sweep in the upper left corner, cupid life figure, cherub." Gingerbread people?

  Fortune Faychild related to the stars, hands and lightning energy, "holy light comes thru...hands push down up...stars, star woman...create design, lines...bright energy / coming down...hands, bright energy spot..."

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PICTURE #4 (11 ENTRIES) shows a woman flying, arms outstretched, soaring along with two men, two pyramidal high rise buildings in the foreground, their tops segmented with 20 windows and a red light on top. Green mountains and trees are in the background, including what appears to be an extinct volcano on the most prominent mountain. The Golden Gate bridge is visible in a bright yellow background with a half-sun, as if near sunset time. 


Francesca Boring was judging closest with a dream that seems more precognitive than telepathic since she dreamt this in the first week of May. "I am originally from San Francisco. I was preparing to fly to Germany. Two men have supported me in a work I was doing (Family Matrix) and couldn't fly with me any further. I dreamed the sense of strength and self  as I flew on my own."

  Peter Keefe tuned into "the top of the world, a mountain scene, maybe Himalayan or Tibet--the view of a range of mountains in the distance--almost like a backdrop". Dian Allen dreamt of "a green landscape. Calm and colorful...planes, first two then maybe six start moving across the blue sky...

Marsha Connell dreamt that she was "trying to figure out travel arrangements--car, airplane coordinating.  Three dark green standing stones, like tombstones where I arrive, LA?"   Another intentional traveler Brett L. Robertson dreamt in part "we took a trip though the details of the trip weren't remembered...While discussing our "next" trip (a non-local event, a dream/dream telepathy) we previewed pictures of places we might go. One particular photo was of adobe buildings, reddish in color. They were multi-leveled like apartments. There may have been a sealed cave inside  mountains..."

 Lots of buildings: Yashi Johnson  said,  "I see a light/white pointed building with a light near the top. I wonder if it's a lighthouse. A tall bright green stem, with a bright yellow flower spreading out across its top" The colors are right.  "The predominate features are yellow, green and pointing white, also extended family." Others picked up on the familial theme such as Moe Munroe who in her dream drives around with her sister..."we see an old Victorian building (2) that look like green houses, (like the Golden Gate Park hall of flowers). ..One is a building within a building. They are all white...(which Moe's dream self suggests could painted for $5000)...There is a building that is being added onto on top--- at the top of an elevator?" And Valerie Bowman, "I am with my daughter and a young girl..." estranged brother enters in and, "An unusual image I had was of a line of green insects traveling across  the floor as I talked to my cousin about planting."

  And helpful people: Nicole Gratton, "is with a few friends (2 or 3). We have to go into a building that is very high but not large. I have a lot of  money  in my hands. I decide to clean up one the apartments that is not mine. The atmosphere is of helping each other. (Maybe do some painting?) Kim Miller's  "dream was of Gregory Peck in a movie...he had entered the country undercover and then a group of Hispanic men staged a commotion so he could escape the country in a private plane." Jody Grundy, in a  phrase from one of her dreams, "They've got friends in high places. "


  And, in the Dream Time, we do indeed! 

  (We invite you to join in dialogue about your experiences or the process itself. Comments can be sent to me at DreamRita"aol.com or addressed to ASD's Bulletin Board, the Telepathy Web site, or the Psi Dreams E-Study group


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