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C Brooks 1997 [I]ASD ExhibitionWelcome to The International Association for the Study of Dreams Bulletin Boards. The purpose of this area is to provide an interactive platform for discussing topics in dreams and dreaming.

Read our Policy:  The IASD Discussions Board does not support the posting of personal dreams for the purpose of having such dreams interpreted, as in "I had the following dream last night ... Can anyone tell me what it means?" 

IASD feels at this time that dream work online is generally not well moderated and supervised, and online dream sharing too susceptible to having interpretations and personal opinions set upon an individual or a particular dream. Thus we are not allowing dream interpretation at this time. Instead, the IASD Discussions Board focuses on promoting in depth discussions about the many different and fascinating facets of dreaming. In this context, participants do have permission to post dreams relevant to a particular topic and thread in order illustrate a point more clearly. For instance, IASD Board participants may post specific "nightmare dreams" in order to illustrate by example specific points relevant to the discussion at hand. 

If you do explore sites online that offer dream work, we suggest that you read our Dreamwork Ethics Guideline first and ask yourself if the group you are in has a similar ethical guideline.

If you have technical questions or concerns, please direct them to

Richard Wilkerson


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