A Note from the Sender

Peggy Coats

Peggy Coats

This was the first time I had been selected to be a "sender" in the telepathy contest. I found the experience to be rewarding, revealing, memorable, and humorous. 

Since I had little experience in focused telepathic communication, I was uncertain how I would approach sending the image so it could be picked up by others. I was more than a little nervous, before I even opened up the envelope containing the image itself. When I saw how rich and complex the image was, my trepidation increased. How could I possibly convey the many levels of meaning this image held?

I finally decided to try and figure out how I could portray the image from a variety of sensory levels. How might I imagine it so that receivers who were more aurally than visually inclined could have access to it? What about people whose primary channel of perception was kinesthetic?

The first thing I did was simply to sit quietly with the image held in my mind, not allowing any particular part of it to assume more importance than any other. I wanted to engage my inner eye alone, and try to send the image as a complete visual experience.

Then, since the background of the image was sheet music, I attempted, from my long-lost days as a piano student, to pick out the tune and see if I could hum or sing it to myself. Because portions of the music were obscured by other parts of the image itself, my tune was haphazard, at best. I hoped, sincerely, that anyone who was "hearing" the image, would forgive what amounted to a psychic rendition of "Chopsticks" with lots of misfingerings and errors!

I next tried to find a way to embody key movement in the image, by acting out the gingerbread people dancing over to the cup (I was very glad I didn't have an audience for THAT!) This felt extremely silly initially, but, after awhile, I found I was developing a rhythm.

Next I focused on the taste and smell of the berries, fruit, and coffee, separating out each sensation, and then bringing them together as a kind of sensory gestalt.

Finally, I once again visualized the image as clearly and completely as possible as a whole. The feeling I got from all of this, which was part and parcel of the sending, was a kind of optimistic exuberance; a sweetness and appreciation of life's simple pleasures, which, to me, the image seemed to convey. I went to sleep holding this image in my mind an image which, to the best of my ability, I had explored from every conceivable level of perception.

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