MAY 2017
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 2017 IASD Annual International Conference in Anaheim, CA:

Call for Volunteers: Still Some Slots Available

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Interviews With 2017 Conference Keynotes

Interviews with IASD's founder, Gayle Delaney, PhD and with Rev. Jeremy Taylor are now online, thanks to Kelly Sullivan Waldron and her popular program, Dreams Unzipped. More interviews are planned prior to the 2017 Conference featuring the founding members of IASD.

To link to Jeremy’s YouTube Interview:

To link to Gayle Delaney’s YouTube Interview:


Have you ever awakened from a dream that left you feeling stunned; a dream so vivid or impactful – and so unexpected – that it changes your life from that point forward? Imagine you could ask a question of a dream character, or the dream itself, and watch as a profoundly surprising response appears. Suppose you could take action in your dream to eliminate a recurring nightmare, heal a relationship, or even a physical ailment. The 100 dreamers in the IASD book Dreams That Change Our Lives have!

Two years ago IASD began collecting dream stories from our members and those with an association to IASD, and we have compiled 100 of them into a book that will be available from Chiron in May 2017. These are what might be called big dreams – stories of life changing guidance, insight and healing; some that reach beyond the senses and even beyond death.

They are presented as guideposts along our life's journey, and introduced by 22 internationally acclaimed experts, psychologists, researchers, and best-selling authors from the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD).

The book is available for early order on the Chiron web site at Dreams That Change Our Lives.


Would you like to continue to support IASD? Try AmazonSmile, an easy way to give money without the stress. Click here to sign up. Every time you make a purchase on Amazon, .05% goes to our organization. If you have other clever suggestions on how to raise money for IASD, please let us know.


In this issue of Hot Off the Press we will be focusing on dreams of the blind. The intention of this column is to publish links to evidence-based scientific articles on the study of dreams that are written for a non-research audience.


Laurie Rubin has been blind since birth, and she says people imagine her world to be a dark place. But the accomplished mezzo-soprano and lyricist experiences color all around her. She says yellow is an afternoon when birds are singing; green is her backyard; blue is an early morning or the key of G. Rubin is performing in Park City this weekend, and Thursday, she joins Doug to talk about growing up blind, learning to navigate the world, and dreaming in color.



Dreams are primarily visual, heavily influenced by the things we see while we’re awake (so much so, in fact, that people who grew up watching black-and-white television also tend to dream in grayscale).But when you don’t have any images to draw from, the brain is forced to use other materials to construct its dream world, creating sleeping scenarios rich in sensory information that would otherwise be confined to waking life.




Claus Braun
Star Edwards
Claudius Guynn
Monna Lang
Juliette Lee
Mary Ann O'Grady
Paul Sauers
Vivek Sharma
Lance Tilford

2 Anonymous


Sheila Asato
Jane Austin
Mark Blagrove
Jane Carleton
Betsy Davids
Daniel Deslauriers
Christopher Dreisbach
Leslie Ellis
Gail Friend
Christian Gerike
Suzanne Stewart
David Gordon
Dani Vedros
Dale Graff
Thomas Lane
Luciano Morselli
Mary Newton
Glynn Nooner
Frank Pascoe
Linda Posner
Helena Richardson
Patricia Schmieg


Register now for discounted hotel rooms(many rooms now available but the block is limited)
Call for Volunteers apply online – positions filled but wait list is open (opportunity to attend for $60)

Venue: The Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove, 12021 Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92840. This is a perfect location for attendees who want to arrive or stay over a few days to vacation in southern California or visit the exciting attractions nearby. The hotel is 2.2 miles from DisneylandŽ park, and 18 miles from the beaches. It is accessible from the LAX international airport or the John Wayne Airport (Orange County). We have negotiated the same discount rate for 3 days before and after the conference for attendees who want to take advantage of the local attractions.  

The Conference will feature world-renowned keynote speakers and over 140 presenters from around the globe, an opening reception, a Dream Art Exhibition and reception, the annual Psi Dreaming Contest, a “dream hike” along the beach and canyons, and the ever popular costume Dream Ball.


Gayle Delaney, PhD, Jeremy Taylor, DMin, Patricia Garfield, PhD,
G. William Domhoff, PhD, Stanley Krippner, PhD. 

Gayle Delaney, PhD: Dreams: CT Scans Your Love Life. Gayle was the Founding President and a Co-Founder of IASD, and is Co-Director of the Delaney & Flowers Dream Center She is Creator of the Dream Interview method and author of Living Your Dreams, Sensual Dreaming, All about Dreams, and Breakthrough Dreaming.

Jeremy Taylor, DMin: The Many Layers of Dreaming – Avoiding Premature Closure. Jeremy is past President and a co-founder of IASD, the founder/director of the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work, serves on the Board of the Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries, and is the author of many globally influential books in the field, including The Wisdom of Your Dreams and The Living Labyrinth

Patricia Garfield, PhD: Mapping Your Dream Themes. Patricia is a past President and a co-founder of IASD. She is author of the bestseller Creative Dreaming and has written more than a dozen other books on dreams on such topics as nightmares, children’s dreams, women’s dreams, healing through dreams, grief dreams, and dream-related art.

G. William Domhoff, PhD: Seven Surprising Discoveries That Changed My Thinking about Dreams is the Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Research Professor in the departments of psychology and sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is author of The Emergence of Dreaming, The Scientific Study of Dreams, Finding Meaning in Dreams and The Mystique of Dreams.

Stanley Krippner, PhD: Shamanic Dreamwalkers: Teachers or Tricksters? Dr. Krippner is professor of psychology at Saybrook University, San Francisco. He was a past president of IASD, former Director of the Maimonides Medical Center Dream Research Laboratory in Brooklyn NY, and recipient of the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology in 2002.


The theme for IASD's popular online annual conference has now been selected. "Illuminating the Path: Psi Dreams for a Brighter World" will be held online between September 24 and October 8, 2017.

Each year a maximum number of 24 proposals are accepted, asking selected authors to develop presentations which relate to the conference theme. Proposals can be submitted until June 30, 2017.

For information on structuring and submitting proposals, please see


Just a few more votes and our 2017 vote for the open Board of Directors positions will be complete.

The 2017 IASD Nominating Committee has invited the following seven members to run for the five member-elected three-year board positions that will be vacated as of the June board meeting: Walter Berry (USA), Athena Kolinski (USA), George Leute (USA), Linda Mastrangelo (USA), Angel Morgan (USA), Julie Sparrow (USA), Tadas Stumbrys (Lithuania).

From these seven candidates, the five with the most votes will be announced at the General Membership Meeting at the Anaheim conference on Sunday, June 18th, 2017.

The Board of Directors has also appointed three new Directors: Bob Hoss, David Kahn, and Anna Karin-Bjorklund.

Additionally, the Board of Directors has approved the new slate of IASD Officers for 2017 – 2018:President, Sherry Puricelli; Board Chair, Laurel Clark; Vice President, Clare Johnson; Secretary, Anna Karin-Bjorklund; and Treasurer, Robert Waggoner.

To VOTE NOW for your five top candidates in the 2017 IASD elections for Board of Directors:

If you haven’t voted yet, and haven’t received an email reminder, that means we probably don’t have your e-consent on file. You can now download this e-consent file print, sign, photo or scan and send that back to , and on the same day, get the codes for voting online!

Susanne van Doorn, Regional News Chair

I hope you are all looking forward to participating in this year’s conference and will consider participating in Dream Creations: Film, Arts & Poetry in New York on May 13, 2017.

At the Conference in June there will be an opportunity for the Regional Reps to meet each other during the luncheon on Saturday June 17 from 12:30 – 2:00 pm at the California Room. You need to reserve your own meal ticket when you register for the conference.

About two weeks before the conference the regional reps will be able to exchange experiences and stories in a zoom meeting on May 28. There will be two meetings, one at 9 am UTC for the Regional Reps in Europe, Australia, Tokyo, India and South Africa.

The other is on May 28 at 6 pm UTC, for the Regional Reps on the American East, West Coast and Hawaii. This is the link to participate in the meeting:

Regional Calendar

Regional Conference of the IASD in New York City -
May 13 2017

Dream Creations: Film Art and Poetry

In the film, Dreams, Kurosawa has van Gogh tell the young artist to take in a scene from nature and let it paint itself, like in a dream. The unconscious can also write itself, film itself, and create a new reality. Wilfred Bion says the therapist dreams the patient. Come dream with us and create a conference:

Please check the IASD website for up-to-date names and contact information for the regional representative in your area. The Regional Representative webpage is divided into regions, making your search more user-friendly.

Please contact our New Regional Rep, Susanne Van Doorn

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The editor reserves the right to shorten and/or edit articles for clarity and to fit space restrictions.
Articles over 200 words may be heavily edited. IASD reserves the right to accept or reject any article.

IASD members who would like to inform other members of their presentations, lectures, or workshops should submit their names, the titles of the events, the dates, and locations. Please also include either an e-mail address, website, or phone number so that IASD members can contact you for additional information. Submission of book tour dates and lecture series are limited to the following:
individual, contact information, dates, cities, states, or countries.

The IASD Dream-News accepts notices on member media interviews and appearances.
Members should include the IASD member name, the name of the show or publication, the date, and the topic discussed.

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