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2014 Annual Conference Berkeley, California:

Keynote Speakers Chosen

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December Memberships Total: 56

IASD Office

Linda H. Mastrangelo, Editor
Janet Garrett, Copy Editor
Laura Atkinson, Design and Layout
Richard Wilkerson, IASD Office Manager
Jean Campbell, Executive Committee Advisor
Robert P. Gongloff, Editorial Consultant


Due to the generosity of IASD members, December donations to IASD's annual Pledge Drive exceeded expected amounts by well over $3,000, bringing funding to many areas that IASD would not otherwise be able to afford to fund. Dream Research, Student Awards, the Nancy Richter Brzeski Art Awards, conference scholarships, and a wide variety of special programs are supported by donations collected during the annual Pledge Drive. This year's donations include special funding from the Bitner Trust for Strategic Planning scheduled by the Board of Directors for the summer Board meetings.

The 2013 Pledge Drive will continue until the end of January. Donors are listed with gratitude on our web site. Show your support today by clicking here!


Bob Hoss is the invited presenter at two lecture/workshop events in February which will cover a diversity of perspectives related to dreams and consciousness.

• February 7 - 9, 2014: on Saturday 8 February Bob will lecture on “The Question of Consciousness and the Afterlife,” followed by two workshops on working with Transcendent Dreams, at the Natural Spirituality Conference at Camp Mikell in Toccoa, Georgia.

For registration and information click here.

• February 28 – March 1, 2014: The Science, Psychology and Spirituality of Dreams: a two day intensive lecture and workshop series; 7PM Friday to 4PM Saturday in Jackson, Mississippi. For details write Karen.


The annual North of Eden Archetypal Dreamwork retreat in the stunning box canyon of Telluride, Colorado, is happening February 21-23. This year's retreat will be preceded by a one-day workshop with award-winning author Amy Irvine McHarg called Verticality: Dropping Into the Dream Through Writing (February 20). More information on this workshop can be found by clicking here.


A place of natural wonders, cultural history and warm southern climate welcomes you to enjoy some time to reconnect with yourself and your dreams. Facilitated by Justina Lasley, MA at the Springbank Retreat: Center for EcoSpirituality & The Arts, Kingstree, SC on February 28 - March 2, 2014 (3 days / 2 nights) Fri. 5pm - Sun. 1pm

Discover the DreamSynergy™ process and ways to remember, record, understand, and follow your dreams to gain new awareness and re-energize your life. In this experiential workshop, you will learn to use dreams that come to you as gifts each night and awaken your most authentic, creative, and spiritual Self. CE Credits available.

DreamSynergy™, an innovative process of working with dreams, simplifies the practice of finding meaning and using that meaning to facilitate change in your life, as well as in the lives of a practitioner’s clients. Applying the DreamSynergy™ process facilitates change in areas such as relationships, finances, career, creativity, and overall mental and physical well-being.

For more information click here. 

Justina will also be facilitating a four-week series online dreamgroup on DreamSynergy beginning in January. Check the above link for dates and times.


IASD members provided a number of fascinating articles for the December issue of the quarterly magazine, Lucid Dreaming Experience (ISSN: 2167-616X). Mary Ziemer wrote on surrendering in lucid dreams, Ed Kellogg offered a Kabbalistic meditation practice to accomplish while lucid, and Robert Waggoner shared the story of a German sports science student who used lucid dreaming to dramatically improve his swimming skills.

In addition, Ryan Hurd offered an update on the SHADOW dream app, Al Moniz added a wonderful cartoon about Kid Lucid (naturally), and Maria Isabel Pita told of lucid dreams which seemed to encourage her husband’s healing. Read the entire issue by clicking here

Co-editors of the Lucid Dreaming Experience, Robert Waggoner and Lucy Gillis, also seek new writers in 2014 with interesting stories about the personal, practical and scientific experience of lucid dreaming.


Longtime IASD member and past presenter Sabine Lucas has a new documentary "A Row of Tombs: Jung and Reincarnation." It provides the missing piece regarding Jung's early discovery and clandestine involvement with past life dreams.

Click here to view the trailer


Lou Hagood’s new eBook The Gap has dreams at its core.

Having lived life as both male and female, Ti is given insight as a blind seer in the Underworld, sought out by the living and the dead, mortal and immortal, in their dreams. The witch, his consort in both life and death, his lover as both male and female, makes him Dr. Sweet Dreams with his own dream blog in Neverland, her island of lost boys. There he gives dream guidance to a collection of literary, mythological and historical figures spanning the ages.

Click here to order the book on Amazon.


Art Funkhouser publishes “Your Dream Cow is Not How I Imagined It To Be!” for a palliative care magazine for their December issue. To read the article click here.



La Integración De Los Sueños (The Integration Of Dreams) is a six week online course for the Spanish speaking community of dreamers. The course runs from February 3, 2014 – March 14, 2014, and is personally guided by Jordi Borràs García, a psychologist and member of the teaching staff of the Institut de Psicologia Transpersonal in Barcelona.

• This course provides a practical and easy way to learn how to improve your dream recall and to make your dreams an essential part of your daily life, so you can advance your internal growth, clarity and wellness.
• You will learn how to interpret your dreams and their symbols, and how dreams can be a path to healing and personal realization. You will also understand the systemic implications of your dreams.
• This workshop is for people with personal or professional interest, who may or may not already have experience in exploring dreams.

For more information about Jordi and to learn more and to enroll in this workshop, go to www.silenciando.com

In this issue, Hot Off the Press explores the subject of dreams and neurology. The intention of this column is to publish links to evidence-based scientific articles that are written for a non-research audience in the study of dreams.



This chapter addresses the question as to how dream consciousness is related to the physiology of the sleeping body. By reviewing studies conducted in the field of dream and lucid dream research on REM sleep it can be shown that correlations between dreamed and actual actions can be found for central nervous activity, autonomic responses and time aspects. In future research, methodological problems have to be considered and fMRI studies will make it possible to study the relationship between brain activation and dream content in a detailed way. Studying the body–mind interaction in sleep seems a promising way to understanding dream consciousness in particular and consciousness in general.



This chapter addresses the question as to how dream consciousness is related to the physiology of the sleeping body. By reviewing studies conducted in the field of dream and lucid dream research on REM sleep it can be shown that correlations between dreamed and actual actions can be found for central nervous activity, autonomic responses and time aspects. In future research, methodological problems have to be considered and fMRI studies will make it possible to study the relationship between brain activation and dream content in a detailed way. Studying the body–mind interaction in sleep seems a promising way to understanding dream consciousness in particular and consciousness in general.


We're listening.

When IASD members recently took the DreamTime Survey, over 75 percent said they would like to be able to choose whether to receive DreamTime in digital or print version. We listened, and so we will be asking you to make some choices in 2014.

The Winter issue of DreamTime will be sent to everyone in both forms – digital and mailed in print format as usual, so that you can see it both ways. Due to bookkeeping needs, starting on January 1, 2014 New and Renewing members will see a small change in the IASD Membership Form.

We will be asking you to select your preferred method of receiving DreamTime by checking a box on the form. Additionally, in order for IASD to maintain the ability to provide a print version as well as a digital version of DreamTime, we are asking that those members who prefer the print version to be delivered to homes and offices assist us by making a contribution of $10 to help defray production and postage costs.

We wanted to tell you this now, to give you time to consider the options. According to the Survey, IASD members love DreamTime for its articles and thought-provoking ideas, and we will continue to provide DreamTime to all members. However, you will be asked to choose how we send it to you.

Because this will be a big decision for some, we asked members of the IASD Board who are considering the option of digital delivery to tell us why. Here are the reasons they gave:

Bob Hoss: The value I see is that digital files take up a lot less space than hard copies do. And there is the ability to search for articles or specific topics electronically.

Scott Sparrow: The benefit of photos displayed in light rather than pigment enhances visual appeal. Viewing dream-related art will be a much richer experience.

Katja Valli: A pdf file never gets lost in the mail. You can save all issues to a specific folder on your computer and always have back issues at hand. What's more, you can carry DreamTime with you on laptop, tablet, or smart phone wherever you go!

Whatever way you choose to receive DreamTime, remember you will only be asked to make that choice when your IASD membership renews; and remember that we will be adding a $10 Postage and Handling charge for delivery of the print version of DreamTime starting with membership renewals in January 2014.

Thank you from the IASD staff!


The IASD Conference Advisory Committee has completed the selection of Keynote Presenters for the 2014 conference. Keynote Presenters for the Conference include:

Barry Krakow, M.D. founded Maimonides International Nightmare Treatment, and is a board certified sleep disorders specialist with more than two decades of research in the treatment of chronic nightmares. He is the co-author of Conquering Bad Dreams and Nightmares, Insomnia Cures, Turning Nightmares Into Dreams (2003), and Sound Sleep, Sound Mind.

Anne Germain, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research focuses on the neurobiology and treatment of trauma-related sleep disturbances, and PTSD nightmares.

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist, a Marriage and Family Therapist and the Founding President of Pacifica Graduate Institute. He is author of four recent books including Dream Tending.

Clara Hill, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Maryland. She was editor of the Journal of Counseling Psychology, has received multiple Psychological Society awards, and is author of 67 book chapters and 11 books including Dream Work in Therapy: Facilitating Exploration, Insight, and Action.

To register or for additional conference information, pricing, and early bird discounts, please visit the website:




February 15, 2014, the due date of the 2014 Juried Dream Art Exhibition, is fast approaching.

We are also pleased to announce that once again, Nancy Richter Brzeski will be donating funds to honor those artists whose works are most relevant to dreams and dreaming. This will be the ninth year in which she has provided financial support to our arts program. Because of her generosity, we will be offering cash awards to those artists whose works are chosen by the jury for display at the conference. First prize is $1000.

We are now accepting original art work about or inspired by dreams. The jurors will be open-minded about the relationship of the art work to dream content when selecting the art pieces, as long as the work was inspired in some fashion by visionary or emotional experiences that occurred during sleep or from dream-related inspirations.

All two-dimensional and multi-dimensional media will be considered, including painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, video, and installation art.

You do not need to be a member of IASD or a conference attendee to participate in the Dream Art Exhibition.


The response has been outstanding this year for people who wish to join our great group of volunteers and help make our 31st IASD annual international conference a success. At this point most volunteer positions are filled, but we do have a few Audio Visual assistance positions open – so apply now to ensure you have a position. You may still apply to be placed on the wait list for other positions: Registration, Room Monitor, Art Exhibit.

Audio Visual support volunteers help the presenter with the AV equipment; mainly helping with microphones and loading their presentations from CDs or thumb drives on the Windows 8 based PCs, and launching them for viewing with the attached digital projector.

As an onsite volunteer you will work roughly 12 hours during the conference, which will allow you to attend the conference and all main receptions, including the dream ball and a special volunteer reception, all for $50. (Travel, meals, and your other expenses are not included.) Volunteers also receive a 50% discount on the conference recording. Once your application has been received, if there is a position available you will be sent a letter of acceptance, and asked to register for the conference by a certain deadline and pay the non-refundable volunteer fee in order to be confirmed. The volunteer fee is $150 with $100 returned after you complete your duties.

If you have any questions you can write us at volunteers@asdreams.org 


We are pleased to announce that the anonymous donor who has generously provided funding for the Student Research Award for the past seven years has graciously agreed to provide matching funds for the 2014 competition! The IASD board of trustees will provide the balance of funds.

The initial idea for a student research award was put forward at the IASD Board meeting prior to the 2004 Copenhagen conference by the late Dr. Ernest Hartmann. Dr. Hartmann served thereafter as a regular member of the Student Awards Committee. In recognition of his contributions to this effort, the Committee has decided, and the Executive Board of IASD has agreed, to rename the award in his memory. It will henceforth be known as the “Ernest Hartmann Award for Student Research.”

As in previous years, there will be two $500 awards. The first is for the best student submission of original scientific research on dreams and dreaming. The second is for the best submission of original historical, literary, artistic, or theoretical research. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to submit papers. Please view the following for additional details: https://asdreams.org/2014/student-awards/

All participants must submit their presentations in electronic form, preferably through email to office@asdreams.org or if necessary by mailing the files, copied to a CD or a DVD, to the IASD office by March 1, 2014.

IASD-Student Research
1672 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94703 USA
Mark on any mailed box "OK to leave on porch."

Text submissions must not exceed 6,000 words. Participants should submit text in MS Word, and artwork in .jpg, .tif, or .pdf formats.

Participants may also electronically submit videos in AVI formats, or music in MIDI or MPS formats. In the case of papers with multiple authors – in terms of the ideas presented as well as the description of the results – the contestant must indicate clearly, in either the text of the paper or in an accompanying letter, what portions are the submitter’s work.

Submissions must include a copy of the participant’s student ID. Alternatively, a copy can be faxed to the IASD Office at 1-209-724-0889, or scanned and emailed as an attachment to office@asdreams.org. A note or cover letter should be included to indicate that this is for the IASD Student Research Award. Participants must specify which of the two awards they are applying for.

Winners will be announced at the IASD annual conference, which will be held at the beautiful DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Berkeley Marina in Berkeley, California from June 4 -8, 2014, during the General Membership Meeting. Check the schedule of conference events to find out the exact date and time.

Curtiss Hoffman
Student Research Awards Chair

From Susan Benson, Regional Events Co-Chair

We open the 2014 Regional Events calendar with news of a one-day workshop in Toronto. More news will follow in forthcoming issues about proposed regional events in California, Montreal and Rome later in the year. It is going to be a busy year! Wishing everyone good dream seeding this New Year and the collective harvest of our creative dreamings in 2014.

Toronto Regional Event

The International Association for the Study of Dreams Toronto Region presents a one-day regional events program, Dreams Matter, on Sunday, February 2nd at Metro Central YMCA, 20 Grosvenor St, Toronto. Early bird registration closes on January 15. It is an exciting and interesting program and is sure to attract many old and new members. Presenters include Christopher Sowton, Elena Rossi, Rosemary Gosselin, Patti Allen, Jean von Bronkhorst, Carlyle Smith and Donna Marie Newfield. Full details of the program can be found on the IASD website.

Regional Representatives Network

Please check the IASD website for up-to-date names and contact information for the regional representative in your area. The Regional Representative webpage is divided into regions, making your search more user-friendly. If you do not have a Regional Rep for your area, consider volunteering to become one! You could serve an important networking role for IASD.

To volunteer to become a Regional Representative, contact Susannah Benson at: dreamtracking@gmail.com  or Claude Desloges at: claude.desloges@videotron.ca

For corrections or feedback on member contacts from Regional Reps, contact Claude Desloges, (Regional Representative Eastern Canada) at: claude.desloges@videotron.ca

KID LUCID - By Al Moniz




Craig Borden
Lael Gold
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Parapsychological Foundation
Cynthia Pearson
Janet Pfunder
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Elena Rossi
Richard Russo
Meredith Sabini
Monique Séguin
Timothy Storlie
Isaac Taitz
Gregory White
Richard Wilkerson
John Woodford
Mary Ziemer


The IASD Dream-News provides late-breaking news, IASD conference information and links to new articles on the IASD Website. Please forward this IASD Dream-News to interested friends and colleagues so they can also sign up for IASD’s free Dream-News. E-mail Submissions by the first of each month to: IASD Dream-News Editor mailto:dreamnews@asdreams.org">dreamnews@asdreams.org/a>    


The deadline for the IASD Dream-News is the first of each month.
There is no Dream-News published in July.
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Please limit your articles to 200 words. The article title should be entirely in capital letters. Any article sub-headings should be in upper and lowercase. Submissions can be submitted in the body of an email message or as an attachment. When sending attachments please include, in the body of the e-mail, your name and an indication that it is an IASD Dream-News item. Acceptable files for attachments are Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format (RTF). E-News articles should be submitted in the following format: Verdana font, 12pt., and black ink. No words should be bolded, underlined, or italicized. Feel free to include photos as attachments. Do not imbed photos or logos in text.

The editor reserves the right to shorten and/or edit articles for clarity and to fit space restrictions.
Articles over 200 words may be heavily edited. IASD reserves the right to accept or reject any article.

IASD members who would like to inform other members of their presentations, lectures, or workshops should submit their names, the titles of the events, the dates, and locations. Please also include either an e-mail address, website, or phone number so that IASD members can contact you for additional information. Submission of book tour dates and lecture series are limited to the following:
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The IASD Dream-News accepts notices on member media interviews and appearances.
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