For instructions about this annual event introduced by Dr. Robert Van de Castle in 1985 at ASD's Conference II at the University of Virginia.

ASD History: loosely patterned after the experiments done during the 60's and 70's by drs. Stanley Krippner and Montague Ullman at Maimonides medical center's dream laboratory in Brooklyn, NY, this light-hearted "contest" shows year after year how possible it is for anyone to dream telepathically. Even more importantly we have found intriguing commonalities in symbols and themes among dreamers who may or may not have hit on the target, but who definitely have been picking up dream signals from the sender-- or other dreamers.

Procedure in brief: from a pool of four visual targets unseen by anyone at the conference and enclosed in sealed opaque envelopes, a person designated as the 'sender" selects one envelope at random, opens it later in private, and during the night and early morning attempts to "telepathically broadcast" the selected picture to sleepers onsite and around the world using the power of his/her mind, with dreams as the carrier. During the night and in the morning, dreamers recall and record their dreams, then look at the pool of four pictures which will be displayed in a public area at tufts on Wednesday morning. They will self-select the picture they think their dreams have identified as the target. Dreams are to be deposited as directed by Wednesday at noon and will not be returned, so make copies if you wish.

Additionally, as in the recent past, this contest is open to those who are unable to attend the conference. Detailed instructions can be found on our ASD web site at

A picture of the sender will be posted there on Tuesday evening, June 18, for online contestants to see, and the target pool of four pictures will be posted Wednesday morning, June 19, by 9am, EST. Online entries may be posted at or sent to

Onsite winners will be announced at the dream ball, with online winners posted within ten days.

Thanks to Robert Van de Castle, Richard Wilkerson, Linda Magallon, Ed Kellogg, Jean Campbell, Scott Hughes, Peggy Coats, Susan Amon, Dale Graff, Marilyn Grossman and others who make this contest possible both onsite and online.


 Rita Dwyer

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