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is a black and white photo of five children sitting on the floor with white or light-colored kitchen cabinets with metal door pulls behind them. Each child has a kitchen utensil in his/her hands (wire whisk, wooden spoon, mixer beaters and spatula) covered with batter or frosting which they are happily eating.

PICTURE #2 is a painting of a pastoral country scene with many animals in the foreground, cows, horses, sheep and in the background 9 people, mostly men it seems, standing or walking/talking, most in pairs. A row of leafless trees
is on the left lining a lane leading to a country house with outbuildings, as well as a barn on the far right. Also on the left and in the most distant view are planted fields on the hillside, and on the right a farmer plowing with a horse in one of the fenced-in field areas.

PICTURE #3 is a black and white photo of an older man, possibly a physics professor, wearing a dark suit, bow tie, horn-rimmed glasses and sitting in an old-fashioned chair in front of a blackboard on which is written copious equations and notations.

PICTURE #4 is a painting of an angelic being with white wings, reclining on a white seat of some kind with flowing/fluid robes, of blue and violet with crescent moons and stars. Some of these are draped over the place where the
angel reclines, not asleep, but eyes lowered. The background is the night sky filled with stars and a full moon which is seemingly reflected in the folds of one of the robes as if it is now water. Very peaceful and serene.)

Judges were Dale Graff, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and Mena Potts and they awarded THE FIRST PLACE RIBBON TO ONSITE WINNER ROBERT LE CATES who selected the correct target picture because of corresponding elements in his dreams, some of them excerpted here: "...an older man's smiling face with broken teeth" which reminded him of the children with beaters in their mouths; "people in a hall w/carts giving away orange juice or something..."
"...leaning against a wall in an open common area..."; "...plugged into an electric outlet in the floor...", "flat rotating round brush..." which reminded him of the egg beater image in the target;"...whirling rapidly...", and "...moving over her body with no ill effects. It even went around her neck, spinning, giving the effect of a wide-moving collar." In the photo the
children hold the beaters and other utensils near their mouths and necks and each wears a sort of bib-like coverall on top of their other clothing.

THE SECOND PRIZE WINNER WAS BOB HOSS who dreamt of "People on an island sitting around a table..." (which he sketched in his dream record,) and "Boy with chi tea at end..."; "Boy comes from a trip through time and space (from past )to bring me the tea." Telepathy time-travel?

BARBARA OLSON dreamt of a chalice (being lifted up), remindful of the way the children are holding the utensils, and a former winner ROBERT WAGGONER caught the mood with his dream record, "There is laughter. Waiting in line..." and "A pot has four segments or four internal divisions", just like the mixer beaters pictured.

As a facilitator of the event, even though I can't compete I like to test my psi and was rewarded by dreaming of "staying or visiting some family with children. One little boy seems to be eating a great deal but no one seems to
care, letting him stuff himself. Later... he is feeling sick and I rush him to the bathroom..."I associated this dream with "one of my granddaughters who is only 20 months old but loves to eat everything in sight"..... JEAN CAMPBELL, our expert sender, said that she was feeling as if she, too, had been eating too much after sending the image telepathically several times during the night.

a non-target picture. She selected picture #2 the pastoral scene because of her dream which contained ..."the top of what could be a Merry-Go-Round, pole coming down with horses attached", and horses are prominent in the foreground
of that picture.
GERDA WILLIAMS-KALT also selected that picture, having dreamt of "a slightly run-down villa on a hill. Children ages 8-10 years old are sneaking in to play..." Perhaps they escaped from the target picture to appear in a different dream scene?

C.J. MOZZODI connected with the scientist in #3, "I had been dreaming about being in Alumnae Hall at Tufts talking with some people when suddenly a white baseball appeared", and MICHAEL SCHREDL dreamt of "an explosion", remarking "exploding insight, scientific insight?"

There has been discussion on the ASD Bulletin Board about how our dreaming minds connect with the pictures, both the target and the rest of the pool, perhaps selecting the images which appeal most to us. Certainly, picture #4 of the angelic being garnered the most entries. GEORGE GILLESPIE dreamt of a "laughing woman...leaning over the (bed)board. Her clothing was caught somehow on the fence..."and EMILY SINGER of "a woman with leg hurt, couldn't walk any farther." Maybe angels get tired, too!

Connecting images were TJITSKE WIJNGAARD who had a hypnopompic image of small bubbles in an arch and BOB HOSS who dreamt of "Orcas flying in the air chasing some flying things to eat like bubbles or stars (white)..." BERTHE
BOGERS dreamt of rainbow shapes while STAN KRIPPNER played "a game involving a large ball".

Thanks to all contestants shared their dreams. We hope that they had a ball playing our telepathy game!



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