Regional Conferences, Co-hosted Events & Meetings

squareIASD encourages its members to host regional meetings and co-sponsored events, and IASD will provide logistical and financial support to promote such events.

The benefits of regional meetings and co-sponsored events are twofold. First, they help IASD members in a particular geographical region to meet each other, socialize, network, and share their different approaches to dreams. Second, they help to advance the basic mission of IASD, which is to broaden public awareness and appreciation of dreams.

Although these are the primary goals, another aim is to generate new funds for IASD’s educational and outreach programs.

Listing of upcoming IASD Regional Mini-conferences and Meetings


Southern Dreaming Regional Conference

Friday & Saturday, April 28 & 29, 2017

Venue: Greenville, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Greenville, SC


Dreaming is a natural universal human experience; part of nature’s psychological restoral process, an inspiration for invention and creative artistic expression, and often a deep personal or spiritual experience. This conference will explore these many aspects of dreaming, from the underlying neuroscience to the psychological, therapeutic and spiritual practices and benefits as well as the artistic expression and inspiration. We hope to inform and inspire dreamers, therapists, life coaches, pastors, artists and anyone who might wish to understand and use dreams in their work as well as invite you to become part of the Southern network of dreamers.

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Regional Conference of the IASD in New York City
May 13, 2017


In the film, Dreams, Kurosawa has van Gogh tell the young artist to take in a scene from nature and let it paint itself, like in a dream. The unconscious can also, write itself, film itself, and create a new reality. Bion says the therapist dreams the patient. Come dream with us and create a conference.

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VSD – Vereniging voor de Studie van Dromen (Dutch) 
(Association for the Study of Dreams) 

Offers an ongoing calendar of events throughout the Netherlands.

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