Oct 25, 2015:  Thank you for participating in the PsiberDreaming Conference this year. The PDC has officially ended.  We look forward to connecting with you again, either at one of our Regional events, our Annual Conference, or next year at the PsiberDreaming Conference.

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Leaping Into the Mystery: The Psi-ence of Dreams

leaping2profileDreams, and psi, and psi dreams, are inherently mysterious: largely unobservable except within the experiencing mind. Only the boldest of scientists dare explore these hidden realms; but each of us boldly leaps into the mystery every time we close our eyes to sleep. How does science describe and quantify these phenomena? What do we learn from those investigations? What can we as individuals learn as we probe the boundaries of our own consciousness? What experiments will you bring aboard your oneironautical spacecraft tonight?

Join IASD in Leaping Into the Mystery:  The Psi-ence of Dreams in the 2015 PsiberDreaming Conference: two-weeks of online papers, workshops, presentations and discussion from Sunday, September 27 to Sunday, October 11, 2015.




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