Dream Art

Welcome to the 2014 IASD PsiberDreaming Conference Art Gallery.

This year, we encouraged dreamers to showcase artwork related to our conference theme, “Dreaming With the Other.” Artists shared their perspectives of what the concept of “the other” means to them, and considered the possibilities of external influences, or the awakening of another self within their dreams. This year’s artists’ dreams and artwork tell us about guides, angels, fairy-folk, and visits with those beyond our world and with those who have passed on. Some artists found “the other” to be a vision of change, an opportunity to see themselves differently, and perhaps embark on new life journeys.

The gallery is a fabulous international collection of dream-based art including paintings, drawings, photographs, textiles, cartoons and computer-generated art, accompanied by the artists’ comments and insights.

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We want to thank all of the contributors to the 2014 PsiberDreaming Art Gallery for giving us the opportunity to display their artwork and share their vision. Please honor the artists who have their work on display. Also, we want to introduce the gallery team:

Laura Atkinson – Art Gallery Web Designer
Lindsay Vanhove and Tine Metz – Art Gallery Moderators
Diana Thompson – Communications
Jean Campbell – Art Gallery Advisor

The Art Gallery thread is open for comments. We invite you to use the conference thread to engage in topics inspired by the artwork, artists, and methods, and also to celebrate the artists’ contributions. (Note:  Username / Password / Paid PDC Registration fee required to participate in the online conference thread. Registration is open until Oct 12.)


PsiberDreaming Art Gallery Team

Any questions about this years gallery please email: psiart2014@asdreams.org