Thanks for dreaming with us.
PsiberDreaming is closed for 2013.
We’ll return again next year. 

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Attendance at IASD’s 2013 PsiberDreaming Conference, “Through the Looking Glass of Dreams” has been the highest ever–a demonstration of growing global interest in dreams and dream work.  Over 200 people are attending this year’s online conference, including 52 new IASD members.  Welcome to IASD!

IASD would like to thank the many, hard-working volunteers who make this annual conference possible.

IASD PsiberDreaming 2013 – Our 12th Annual PsiberDreaming Conference
Through the Looking Glass of Dreams
September 22 – October 6, 2013

Two weeks – Online all the time!

Through the Looking Glass of Dreams:

Many psychologists and philosophers view dreams as a metaphorical mirror of the ego, psyche, soul, or some otherwise hidden aspect of oneself. Lewis Carroll’s book Through the Looking-Glass has his character Alice step through a dream mirror into an alternate reality – where, among other challenges, she’s told that she only exists as a character in the Red King’s dream. People have a variety of fascinating experiences when dreaming of looking into a mirror, and lucid dreamers often experiment with mirrors in dreams. What do we learn about ourselves in the looking-glass of dreams, and how do they serve as a portal into possibilities hitherto undreamed?

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