IASD conferences online modeled on the PsiberDreaming Conference 


The Main Entrance Site
...is the face to the world, the page that tells people what the conference is about, who will be presenting, how to register. 

During the conference, its serves as the front door to the events online.

  When conference attendees have their passwords, they can select the Log-In option and enter the conference.

        The first page inside the conference site is the conference bulletin Board front.  The conference attendees will simply go directly to the board shown at the top. But moderators will see that board PLUS the archive board, where topics and presentations are built and kept until needed, when they are shifted over to the conference bboard  

Inside the conference bulletin board, attendees will find all the topic "threads", contests, galleries and other events. When a presentation is selected on the bboard, the first post gives an abstract of the presentation and a link to the paper.

Links to the papers are presented in standard web format, with graphics when needed. The attendees can then return to the bboard and discuss the paper with the presenter in the same topic thread where the presentation is posted.

Besides paper presentations and workshops, art galleries and other presentational materials can be linked directly from the bulletin board. Though most of the interaction is asynchronous, in that one can read and post replies over time, the conference system can also offer real time text chat for events where people all meet in the "same" screen and can add text to an ongoing dialogue in real time.