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Index of Dream Related Venues & Sites

    DREAMING ON C O M M E R C I A L - C A R R I E R S & I S P's  (AOL, COMPUSERVE, MSN, PRODIGY, and others)


    • AOL: John Herbert's SeniorNet Dream Sharing Groups. Conducted in a variation of the Ullman/Zimmer style of dreamwork. Contact John at These are really wonderful dream groups and I consider John the grandfather of Dreaming Online. (We have no fathers or mothers in cyberspace) John's groups were later modeled by other's all over the Internet. Be sure to see his Dream Group Sample Session

    • [Historic- no longer online] AOL : Jeremy Taylor's Dream Program : Daily DREAM SHOW with Jeremy Taylor on America On Line. Start your morning with cyberdreamwork! Former IASD president Jeremy Taylor has expanded his AOL dream show to Monday-Friday. Show time 6:00 am Pacific or 9:00am Eastern. Share a dream or tune into his comments about working with dreams, If you can't be there in person, you can post your dream on his electronic bulletin board.

    • AOL: Online-Psych presents DREAM FORUM. keyword : Dream. This forum includes information and comments about dreams in general, such as dreaming in color, interpreting dreams, links to other dream forums.


    • Donna Campos holds chat room discussions each week at the Dream Studio. Monday Nights 10:00 EST in the New Age Forum B. Variety of Guests. See issues of Electric Dreams and Global Dreaming News for the guests and schedules.


    • Dr. Strange Hosts the Paranormal Chat on the Microsoft Network on Thursdays from 7-9 PM PDT. To find the Chat room, go to "Classic MSN" (MSN now has a new format available for free on CD ROM), and use the Go to word ...AlienChat. Topics usually focus on lucid dreams, OBEs, or other paranormal occurrences Dr Strange also includes a number of practical, how to, handouts in the Lucid Dreamer's Library(Go to word ..AlienDream) on topics such as Lucid Dreams, OBEs, AAEs, Mutual Dreams, Healing Dreams, Hypnagogia, and Incubation techniques. You can contact Dr Strange at

    • AOL CHAT ROOMS - Visit Dream Shop and Dream Weaver. DreamWeaver: Scotts will be in the room every morning this week, Feb. 3rd through the 7th, between 7:30 am - 9:00 am(CST)(that's Texas time ya'll!). This will be a test run to see how it goes.

    • To get there, go to "member rooms" & then click "find" & then type Dream Weavers You should get in with no problem. To get to "member rooms", go to any chat room, click the button at top called "List rooms", then click "member rooms".

    M A I L -- L I S T S Listservs, Majordomos, etc.


    • JUNG-PSYC Mail list information Discussion of Jungian topics, announcement of conferences, seminars and lectures. See the new web site - under JUNG & DREAMS. New mail list Send an info request to

    • DREAM-ON An Electric Dreams and DreamGate sponsored dream sharing group.

    • ED-CORE Though this sounds exclusive, its really open to anyone. Subscribers distribute dreams and comments on dreams, and both are published on the Electric Dreams E-zine.

    • (Gone) The Oneiro-Network maintains a mail list that focuses on lucid and other kinds of dreaming. Also see The Oneiro-Network : Lucid Dreamers Internet Club

    • Intuition Network: Intuition Network Computer Conference System offers a delightful group of discussions lists, one of which is To subscribe follow the subscription details at the Intuition Network Dream Conference Page.

      • Send email message to

        In body of email put only
        subscribe dreams your-email-address

    • luCiDiTy-list: A discussion mailing list in the German language about lucid dreaming is now up and running. Even though some mails include texts in English, it is important that only people who speak German subscribe to avoid chaos. The list is called the luCiDiTy-list: Subscription is accomplished by sending an email to majordomo@kyb.faveve.uni-stuttgart. de with the words 'subscribe lucdt-l' in the body of the mail.


    Dreams and Dreaming
    on the
     W O R L D - W I D E - W E B 

        Dream Sharing 


    • Electric Dreams- USA Site:

      • Electric Dreams AU site - This Cyberworld dream community provides free and continual support and development of a wide variety of dream sharing events, venues and cyber-ecologies. If you have an article you wish to publish, send that to

      Richard Wilkerson

      • E-mail Dream Groups (not endorsed by IASD, but extensively monitored and discussed)

        To join the next group, drop a line to richard at  and ask for upcoming dream sharing events. We have also provided for you a Sample Session which is also available in Electric Dreams volume 3 no. 4

      • Publish Your Dreams On Electric Dreams

        Send your dreams into our Dream Editor, Bob Krumhansl with a pen name, title and date, and once a month Bob puts the collection together and we anonymously publish these dreams in Electric Dreams. If you don't want comments, please note this when you send them to Bob. Don't forget to sign up for you free subscription to Electric Dreams.

      • Electric Dreams Comments Mail list

        Send your dreams into the ED dream comment mail list ED-CORE for comment or join the list yourself and comment on dreams. The dreamer is assumed to be the final authority on the dream, but comments can be instructive and insightful.

      • Electric Dreams Bulletin Board The dreams left on this Bulletin Board are collected each month along with comments and published anonymously on Electric Dreams.

    • A History of Dream Sharing in Cyberspace - A history of dream sharing and dream work online by Richard Wilkerson. Originally an Expo site for the Association for the Study of Dreams Conference XIII in Berkeley, California. July 1996, this site has been updated in anticipation of IASD conference XIV in Asheville, June 1997.

    • DreamLynx A resource for the analysis and translation of dreams. It contains an Exchange section to process other dreams, a Journal area to post your dreams and a Resource section with theoretical orientation and techniques.

    • Dreamwork Sample Online A sample session of Online dreamwork from John Herbert, including the invitation, the question and replies, the comments and closing remarks.

    • dreamMosaic Add your dream and links to your dream in an every growing mosaic of interconnected hyper mutant dream space. This was the original, first Dream Web Site! (Now Historic only)

    • Dream Page One - Here we have yet another venture into group dynamics (like the Psychology Page and the Literature Page). This time: You can submit an interesting (or even a boring) dream you've had. We strongly discourage making up dreams just to "make things interesting". You can submit an interpretation for a previously submitted dream. As usual, items are submitted to the server anonymously, are publicly readable, etc.

    • The Dream Network Web site features inspiring articles by prominent lay and professional dreamers as well as basic dream education articles by the editor/publisher. Each issue of Dream Network contains contact information on over 50 knowledgeable  dream workers willing to respond to your questions, provide resources and information, help you join or start a dream group.

    • Dreams from The Birdhouse: A Conspiracy of Sleepers A platform for writers, artist and others. Submit your dream and get posted to the Birdhouse!

    • Bianca's Dream Book Digitalize your dreams on Binanca's Dream Message Board!

    • DreamX - If you want a tape full of various dreams told by girls and boys all over the world, send a tape of you and your friends relating, or just talking ABOUT dreams. Trades only. If you can't fill an entire tape with dream stuff, just pad it with other weird/cool/interesting aural matter.

    • Italian Dream Archive - Share your dreams and get comments and interpretations via categories, which include: Cars and motorbikes, Dead People, Horror, Journeys, Love, Politics, Science fiction , Sex, Sports, and more. In both Italian and English.

    • Dreamscape was a dream-sharing web site, focusing on both dreams and nightmares.

    • (Gone) DreamWeaver Dream Site. Dream Info, Dream Tips, Exchange Links, Link Page, Dream Poetry. Live Chat now available.

    • Cyndi's Dream Interpretation Guide   Presented in a playful and colorful fashion, Cyndi offers dreamwork methods, advice on coping with nightmares and working with children's dreams, books, dream links and newsgroup connections, among many other things.

    • Sea of Dreams Ezine Dream Column    Cyndi also does a column for GTO World Wide's Ezine, entitled "Sea of Dreams". Her goal is to help people realize their own inner guidance speaking to them via their dreams. Individuals write and tell Cyndi their dreams, and she provides interpretation on it, as well as adding a disclaimer that all interpretations should be left up to the dreamer's own judgement.

    • Dream States Barbara Rauch offers you a chance to participate in the Plant Dream and raising of consciousness. Send in dreams and dream material to help foster the DreamCloud.

    • LifeTreks Dream Interpretation and Resources. Gillian Holloway. also Dream Research Questionnaire.

    • Tiger's Nest Advice on treating dreams as enhancing one's spiritual growth, advertisements for books and products, dream interpretation message board "for fun only" as well as focus on women's spirituality, schedule of appearances, personal backgrounds.

    • "..designed to support all of us in expanding our awareness and increasing our capacity for understanding the divine mystery. In business since 1985, we chose the name of Tiger's Nest to reflect our desire to be a center of the spirit and a home of the compassionate heart."
      Alex and Gayle Lukeman

        Magazines and Journals on Dreams 


    • Electric Dreams - ED provides not only a free monthly forum for sharing and discussing dreams, but also a news service, (Global Dreaming News), QandA forums, dream inspired art, reports about new online dream sharing groups, interviews with famous dream workers, clinicians and scientists and articles from dreamers around the world.

    • Global Dreaming News  - A monthly pulse of dream and dreaming events and news, cyber-updates and web reviews on dream related sites. Sponsored by Electric Dreams, Dreamtree and DreamGate

    • Dream Network:  A Quarterly Journal Exploring Dreams & Mythology, Since 1982  "Evolving a Dream Cherishing Culture" Visit
      Need back issue or want to explore an index of (nearly) all articles published in this extraordinary journal since 1982, view the table of contents for each current issue, read articles currently published, info on dream sharing? You'll be able to find that all at this site and more. Editor Roberta Ossana also has put up basic dream education articles worthy of your consideration.

    • IASD Publication Dream Time- This offline quarterly newsletter is now gaining some presence online. Some articles and indexes of past articles are now available, including the Dream Cyberphile.

      • The Dream Cyberphile A quarterly column on the events on dreams and dreaming in Cyberspace by Richard Wilkerson. Back issues now available online.

    • Dream Journalist A Web Site for People Who Write Down their Dreams. A variety of exciting materials will be showcased, including those from a meeting of long term journal keepers at this year's IASD conference. For more information, contact Cynthia Pearson

    • DreamTime Financial Dreaming Newsletter Stephen H. Kapit is a "dream futurist", and believes that dreams can literally make you rich, both spiritually and financially. Receiving information in the DreamTime on stocks, commodities and global events, he shares what he has learned with others through his DreamTime newsletter and believes that dreams do come true and can also make you a lot of money. To find out more about his unique views and achievements, visit The DreamTime Web Site which is updated weekly, and includes DreamTime alerts will go out and DreamTime back issues, normally available only by snail mail or fax subscriptions.

    • IASD Dreaming Journal - This offline quarterly Journal of the Association for the Study of Dreams now has a searchable index and online abstracts at the IASD Web Site.

    • (gone) Somnial Times - Somnial Times, the Mensa Dream magazine, now has a sight online and you may want to check this out and find out how to sign up for a subscription. Nice Graphics! Offline subscriptions available.

    • Night Flyer -(Historic, no longer published) The Fly-By-Night Club is dedicated to the proposition that dreams are fun and wonderful. Find out all about it and the FBNC newsletter, the Night Flyer.

    • Psychology and Self Help The online magazine, Psychology and Self-Help Magazine, has a Dream Department, originally developed by the editor of Electric Dreams and Director of DreamGate, Richard Wilkerson. The goal of the department is to bring to the SHandP magazine readers the best possible information and resources available on dreams and dreaming.

    • (Gone)"Dreaming (Rever)" is a new French magazine dealing with dreams and lucid dreams from a new and interdisciplinary perspective. It does not represent any school or interest group; it is a forum for exchange for all those who are passionate about dreams.

    • Spiritwatch A Jayne Gackenbach's transpersonal resources and projects, plus much more "Watchfulness focused on experiences of a spiritual nature ."

    • Nocturnal Postings was  an electronic publication specializing in fiction. It focuses on, but does not necessarily limit itself to, the hours between dusk and dawn; this might include stories written at night, works inspired by dreams, things involving the night as a central element to the work, etc.. Editor, Julia Koberlein

    • Rever Magazine   website and dream journals Florence Ghibellini has created a new website (all in French, however!) in which she includes her personal dream journals as well as information about her magazine, "Rever", a serious French magazine about dreaming. This diverse site is also packed with information on lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, alchemy, parapsychology, astrology and the I Ching, and is a great resource for those who are French speakers.

    •   Dreamworkers, Information, Education and Organizations 


    • Association for the Study of Dreams IASD Besides all the information on regional and international IASD events, this site also provides indexes and abstracts to the Dreaming Journal and IASD newsletter articles. Other helpful publications are available on dreams and dreaming. There is also a bulletin board to discuss topics in dreams and dreaming, and one need not be a member to post to the board. Join today!

      • IASD Ethics Statement The IASD ethics committee has been working on an ethics statement for several months now. The work is still in progress, but here's were it stands today. Comments, feedback, or suggestions? Drop them off at the IASD Bulletin Board.

    • EASD The European Association for the Study of Dreams (ASSOCIATION EUROPEÉNNE POUR L'ÉTUDE DU RÊVE)

      • AIMS : Promote awareness and appreciation of dreams in the general public as well as within the scientific community. ° Regularly share -- with other members of the association and with the public en general - discoveries concerning dreams and the many ways of exploring them. ° Implement different dream research projects, in an interdisciplinary perspective which respects human and animal rights.

      • ACTIVITIES : The EASD brings together a large range of people interested in the study of dreams, professional or other : analysts, artists, researchers, teachers, ethnologists, psychologists, lucid or ordinary dreamers, therapists, etc. The following activities are proposed : ° Organization of an biennial European congress on dreams. ° Computerized databank of literature on sleep and dreams, in English and in French. ° Training in onirology.

    • Each issue of Dream Network contains contact information on over 50 knowledgeable  dreamworkers willing to respond to your questions, provide resources and information, help you join or start a dream group. We have also published a fine booklet, The Art of DreamSharing and Developing Dream Groups. For free information and resources, visit

    • Electric Dreams Cyber-Library. A Dream Reference Center with links to Articles On Dreams and Dreaming, including the Electric Dreams collection from 1994. Links to other dream resources and educational material.

    • Gayle Delaney- The Dream Site: A Founder of IASD, Delaney's site provides resources from  the Delaney and Flowers Dream and Consultation Center as well as publications, dream information and dream research. An events calendar is available as well as contact information.

    • Sleep, Dreams and Wakefulness Very nice bi-lingual (French-English) site on Sleep and Dreams research. Selections by Michel Jouvet and other researchers. Topics include psychological and philosophical aspects, genetical and phylogenical aspects, sleep-waking cycle, dreams, clinical aspects in adult, comas, children and newborn, books on sleep, Links to other neuroscience & sleep sites. Bibliographies, updates, more.

    • PsychWeb Resources - Dream Articles and Book links

    • DreamGate - DreamGate provides education and support for projects involving dreams and other valuable endeavors in Cyberspace. Both entrepreneurial and philanthropic (Business with Heart), DreamGate provides professional Internet Services as well as resources for worthy causes. Member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Internet Society, DreamGate actively supports and protects your rights to share dreams and other experiences in cyberspace. In July of 1996 DreamGate built the Cyber-Expo site for the Association for the Study of Dreams Conference XIII in Berkeley, CA. DreamGate also supports and endorses the Electric Dreams Community, providing Majordomo Mail lists, Archiving space, project backing and support systems.

    • "Fly-By-Night Club" - The Club is dedicated to the idea that dreams are fun and wonderful. FBNC promotes a variety of activities, including the Flying Carpet and other projects. Join Today!

    • The Novato Dream Library and Archive Do you have dream related documents and artifacts? If you have interest in dreams and the archiving of historic dream related materials, be sure to stop by. The Library also provides educational and other dream related services. The Library is the host of probably the best Dream Book Collection in the whole World.

    • A History of Dream Sharing In Cyberspace A collective project sponsored by DreamGate. The full scoop on email groups, IRC Chat Dream talk, Dream Shows, special mail lists and International shows. Historical Documents about alt.dreams, Electric Dreams, IASD and Cyberspace and more.

    • Lucidity Institute Home Page . Home of the famous Stephen Laberge, this site now offers wonderful lucid dreaming documents, articles, advice and information on lucid dreaming. There is also news and information on lucid dream technologies.

    • Unlock the Secrets of Your Dreams - Unlocking the Secrets of Your Dreams is a noncredit introductory course that is delivered on the World Wide Web by the famous Jayne Gackenbach. The course consists of five lessons which teach you to interpret and work with your own dreams, both alone and in an electronic group session. Each lesson is accompanied by an assignment where you will put what you have learned into practice, and answer a questionnaire about your dream experiences. You will receive feedback on the completed assignment the following week. Throughout the course you will have access to a student bulletin board where you can share your ideas and impressions about dreams with others enrolled in the class as well as an active dialogue with the author/instructor, Jayne Gackenbach.

    • Working (and playing) with Dreams - Not only a wonderful education site on dreams and dream techniques, Dr. John Suler's work extends into cyberpsychology and he offers a mini-course on dreams and dreamwork from one of his colleagues.

    • Psychic Creative Dreaming An Explorer's Guide to the Dream Net.

    • Psychic Creative Dreaming is an email dream course designed to activate and enhance your creative and psychic abilities through dreams. For a syllabus and class information, send to Linda Lane Magallon at

    • D.R.E.A.M.S. Foundation - A Canadian Dreaming organization that explores dreams and dreaming in conjunction with dream laboratories. Craig Webb.

    • Dream Classes via E-mail. By the Cyber-Dreaming Pioneer Richard Wilkerson. These classes on dreams and dream sharing also connect you to the cyber-dreaming world. From Ancient Trace to CyberSpace, these DreamGate classes are loved by all who have taken them! Drop by DreamGate for more information. Classes are not accredited, but have been peer reviewed and include email lessons, dream sharing groups, resources, and field trips to IRC, Pow Wow, Chat Rooms, Message Boards, Web Art Galleries, and more. Learn lucid dreaming, how to make sense of dreams, dream science, dream anthropology and more.

    • The DreamTree   Peggy Coats directs a Dream Information Center for the Greater Monterey area in California. The DreamTree is also an online network of dream news, events and support services.

    • Dream Re-entry Former NASA communications scientist, Fred Olsen has turned his skills towards healing and the imaginal realm, providing a powerful technique for working with dreams.

    • IASD XIII Conference Site This Web Index and Educational Center was built for educating both online and conference members in the ways of Dreams and Cyberspace. The conference dates for the Association for the Study of Dreams Conference XIII in Berkeley, CA are as follows: July 9-13, 1996. See the conference site for the interactive schedule.

    • Technique a Week Each week , DreamLynx offers a new approach to dreams.

    • Oniros The French Publication and Organization Oniros and European Association for the Study of Dreams (Association française pour l'étude du rêve) * or by postal mail : Oniros, BP 30, 93451 Ile Saint-Denis, France.

    • Treasurefield Enterprises In Treasurefield dream workshops and private dream sessions, you will discover how dreams relate to waking life. In the process, you will learn dream skills that you can apply on your own. Here are some of the disciplines you will explore: Senoi Indian Technique of Dream Control, Dream Theater, Process Work, Meditation. Also Free advice on Dream recall at this site.

    • The Haden Institute Online Two Year Dream Group Leader Training with faculty that include Leah Berne, Mary Hunter Daly, Bob Haden Keith Parker, Jeremy Taylor, Ann Ulanov, Berne Ulanov. FOR: Parishioners, lay readers, and clergy who wish to lead church dream groups. Therapists who wish to enhance their therapeutic skills. Community small group leaders who wish to learn dream group skills.

    • World Dream Congress 2000 Meeting and conferences on dreams around the world tied together by the Net and other coming telecommunications. The Online site provided by Oneiros and EASD

    • Dream Class - Learn How to Interpret Your Dreams Yvonne Newton.

    • The Dream Interpretation Centre: Layne Dalfen offers the public an opportunity to discover the important meanings in their dreams in a positive environment and without having to enter therapy.
      You can learn to unravel the mystery behind your dreams and discover what advice your dream is giving you. If you want to learn how to interpret your own dreams, or to find out about a workshop in the area, contact: Dream Class 1331, Dixie Downs Road #34, St. George, Utah 84770, (801) 634-1324
      Dream Thread Interactive Our mission is to provide dream insight and interpretation services, dream research, information and edutainment , and dream related products to the global community for human development and the evolution of consciousness through multimedia on the World Wide Web and other media projects.

    • Intuition Network The brainchild of Jeffery Mislove (Thinking Allowed Television Interview Series), the Intuition Network has a new website address, and also a dream chat mailing list.

    • DreamWave A complex and labrythine site offering a wide variety of dream programs, investigations, paths, searchs, finds, and other soulful yet playful approaches to dream imagery.

      • The DreamScribe The Journal of DreamWave Scribe: an electronic DreamJournal and Diary

      • Dreamages A Primer by Timothy Tate and Barrett Golding

    • The Dream Institute Kathleen O'Connell offers dream analysis, articles and other services. This is the research arm of her work.

    • Dream Central A full service dream site including dreamsharing, groups, message boards and information on dream and dreaming, nightmares, recall and more.

    • Shelley's Dream World This site gives practical information on improving dream recall as well as information on how-to's on keeping a dream journal. Also Dream Translation page.

    • Richard Nagle's DreamScape What is sleep?, How can I learn to remember my Dreams? What is a dream journal? How do I interpret my dreams? Can I learn to Lucid dream? Sample Dream Symbols, Dreaming Questions and Answer . Email

    • Dream Therapy with Doctor Jill Morris  Visitors can read synopses of her books, locate resources, and ask questions.

    • Jeremy Taylor Online: This site introduces you to former IASD president, and founding member Jeremy Taylor, author of Dream Work, Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill: Using Dreams to Tap the Wisdom of the Unconscious, and Living Labyrinth: Exploring Themes in Myths, Dreams and the Symbolism of Waking Life. The site contains a bibliography of recommended books on dream work, as well as brief explorations of common dream themes, current events and lecture schedules, more.

    • Dream Lover, Inc.  A site by dreamworker Silvana Ivin. Suggestions, books, personal service, dictionary.

    • Henry Reed Homepage. A site in progress, there will be dream inspired art, as well as past issues of the famous grassroots dream journal from the Sundance Community and other articles.

    • Peter Fellows DreamQuest. Dedicated to the Art of Dreamwalking: Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and the Out of Body Experience.

    • Wild Dreams. Quick information on dreams and dreaming, share dreams, participate in survey.

    • Sandy Ginsberg, M.S., MFT: Sandy's website describes her affiliations and connections to dreams and the therapeutic process. An explanation of her Dreamworking Group and methods of creatively working with dreams are explained.

    • Stanford Sleep & Dreams - William Dement

    • Lolie's Dream Page: Dreams, the bridge between the ego and the subconscious. Quick information on several aspects of dreaming, including dream analysis, out of body experience, flying, prophecy, healing and more.

    • Gunilla Caisson's DreamWork with Children. Dragons and Demons of the dream, "Out-Action" and How it can happen.
      Available in both English and Swedish

    • Your Guiding Dreams. Eveland Fairfield offers dreamwork and more: "YourGuidingDreams, based on our propietary PMID process, provides a method for individuals, especially those with no formal psychological or dreamwork training, to easily learn to better understand their dreams and symbolic dream language, and how to apply this learning in everyday life."

        Personal Dream Journals 


    • Nutcracker's Suite - A collection of dream from a dreamer who dreams about famous people.

    • Entering Tibet I dreamt that I went through a tunnel going under the Great Wall of China, into Tibet, to find four people.

    • Entering TibetMaybe at this moment I will just record a strange dream that I had this morning. I was with another girl in a public place that seemed to be a school.

    • C J Silverio's Dream Journa l Dream Journal

    • Elder Dan'sDreams Dream Journal

    • Dr. Zeus' dreams Dream Journal

    • Life Art and Dreams A personal Journey of a Dream Artist, Alissa Goldring

    • Song of the Oracle Journal of RCW dreaming in Greece

    • The Wanderer Eugene Marks provides us with a personal journey mixed with dreams, lysergics, education and soul searching. Join him in the Wanderer!

    • an Extraordinary Dream Late in 1972 or early 1973 I experienced an amazing dream. The clarity, vividness, and realism of it were incredible.

    • Spiritual Dream Journal Once I had a dream in which everything in the world as I knew it, had changed. In my dream, I did not know where I was or where I was supposed to go. I was even unsure of the time or the year. I did not even realize that I was dreaming! Everything seemed so real. I felt frightened and alone.

    • Big Dream Eric W. Fitz Big Dream is both an experiment in literary criticism and a fiction. The project begins with an actual dream of mine, represented in fragments, that move in both a temporally linear and crossing manner. Small parts of each fragment are given brief Freudian analyses, and are interpreted symbolically. These symbols are then abstracted into the driving forces for the multivocal fiction.

    • Dream Keeper a "safe haven for dreamers", where you'll find dreams, poems, stories and dreamer's contributions to the collective whole. 

    • The Underground Sofa   My site includes a log of my surreal, demented dreams.

    • Sage dream journal hip, subtle and personal.

    • Luciddrmr's Page of Dreams   Selected Dreams from my Journal. Perhaps putting journal entries online with increase lucid dreaming.

    • Melissa Tyson's Journal: Seek Simplicity. Forms for interpretive comments

    • Crystal Cave indexes references to dreams and active meditations recorded in my on-line journal, The Carolinian Trail. Also, a dictionary of symbols and my personal interpretations.

    • Kraynakk Online Dream Journal My three-year dream journal is illustrated by the some of the best artists found on the internet.

    • Mikia's Dreams The site is about me and what I like. You can find my journal and my dreams.

    • The Dream Vortex of Nicole J. LeBoeuf In the storm's eye, our dreams meet and mingle and our worlds interact. Come play the game.

    • Willa's Dream Journal  While the main focus of my web site is my daily journal, I also keep a journal of my dreams. I also invite you to interpret them for me, if you wish, and will post interpretations.

    • Dan's Daily Dream Journal & Commentary : A personal Journal.

    •   Religion, Spirituality and Healing    Now includes Shamanism


    • Spiritwatch A Jayne Gackenbach's transpersonal resources and projects, plus much more "Watchfulness focused on experiences of a spiritual nature ."

    • Past Issues of Lucidity Letter
      Articles & Papers including lucid dreaming and dreaming papers, higher states of consciousness, Native North Americans and Cyberspace.

    • ECKANKAR and Dreams One key to this spiritual growth is the unique study of dreams in ECKANKAR. Members of ECKANKAR study monthly spiritual lessons, known as ECKdiscourses. Two of the first few years of ECK discourses focus on dreams.

    • SpiritWeb A dedicated spiritual world-wide-web site which comprehends spirituality in a modern context in review of ancient teachings and religious belief-systems. The site is independent of any kind specific religious belief-system or movement, but tries to give an overview of manifold forms of spirituality.

    • (moved?)A.R.E. Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc, the group founded by Edgar Cayce, provides groups and information all over the world on dreams and dreaming. Here is a Cyberpage they have put up on dreams and dream interpretation.

    • A healing dreams project : Special focus on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Dreams. Much More. Healing Dreams takes a special interest in the use of dreaming for healing processes. Being struck down by a serious disease myself I know that there are not always easy answers or solutions.

    • Introduction to Chan-Meng Chinese Dream Analysis: Copyright (c) 1991 by William L. Cassidy. All rights reserved.

    • DreamWave - Have we done dreams a dis-service in interpreting them, inspecting them and using them for our Day Time, egoic goals and purposes? Have we perhaps lost our souls, the very thing we were after in the first place in dream investigations and theories? Shed your daytime concerns and re-enter the mythic underground, the imaginal realm of psyche on her own ground and in her own twisting labyrinth. Regain access to the imaginal underworld. Come to DreamWave.

    • DREAMJ OURNEYS: Dreams of Spiritual Transformation by Taylor Esta Kingsley c 1995

    • Dreams and Sufism Lex Hixon, An interview conducted by David Barsamian KGNU Boulder, Colorado, September 21, 1989 Lex Hixon is a member of the Turkish Sufi Halveti-Jerrahi order and has the permission to initiate and interpret dreams, the essential function of spiritual guidance in a Dervish order.

      Also available at (Sh. Muhammad Nur)

    • The Dream of the Sleeper Dream Interpretation and Meaning in Sufism by Refik Algan; introduction by Kabir Helminski

    • Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Book 87: Interpretation of Dreams Volume 9, Book 87, Number 111: Narrated 'Aisha:

      The commencement of the Divine Inspiration to Allah's Apostle was in the form of good righteous (true) dreams in his sleep. He never had a dream but that it came true like bright day light. He used to go in seclusion (the cave of) Hira where he used to worship(Allah Alone) continuously for many (days) nights.

    • Jesus reveals His glory Gordon Nickel: Does God use dreams and visions to draw people to Jesus Christ? Reports from the Muslim world suggest that this is indeed the case. Converts from Islam in Pakistan, for example, frequently report dreams and visions of Jesus.

    • Revelation, Inspiration, Vision and Dream I tell you truly that every door can be closed but the door of the descent of the Holy Spirit is never closed. Open the doors of your hearts so that it might enter into them.

    • The Shoah Dream Project is a web site that documents how the Holocaust affects our dreams

    • Dream Lover Theory and interpretive services with a spiritual, self-help perspective.

    • Science and Consciousness Conference and Journal
      We do this in the following ways: 1. Producing The International Conference on Business and Consciousness which brings people together from all levels of business, including founders and CEOs, people in management, entrepreneurs and consultants, from all types of businesses to share ideas, practical applications and results.
      2. Producing The International Conference on Science and Consciousness, an event where we can explore and experience the space between the ordinary world and that unseen realm which science is continuously “discovering” and quantifying. We welcome people to come and explore their belief systems, and expand their personal awareness.
      3. Producing The International Conference on Altered States of Consciousness, which has evolved out of the highly successful Science & Consciousness conferences. The general focus is on objectively exploring and verifying the subjective, experiential dimensions of consciousness via ancient, traditional and modern practices and techniques.
      Topics will include but are not limited to Enlightenment, Entheogens, Shamanism, and Peak Experiences

         Lucid Dreaming 


    • The Lucid Dream Exchange -An independently published, reader supported, quarterly publication that features lucid dreams and articles on lucid dreaming.

    • The Lucidity Institute, Inc - A mix of helpful commercial and non-commercial products and direct educational materials and essays, the Institute is the outgrowth of Stephen Laberge's work on Lucid Dreaming. Be sure to check out What's New? for current and upcoming events. Stop in at the Institute's LUCID FAQ or if all else fails, call 1-800-GO-LUCID.

    • Charles McPhee Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams. Author invites discussion of Lucid dreaming and provides some of the best Links to Lucid Dreaming Online.

    • Spiritwatch Jayne Gackenbach's transpersonal resources and projects, plus much more "Watchfulness focused on experiences of a spiritual nature ."

    • Past Issues of Lucidity Letter
      Articles & Papers including lucid dreaming and dreaming papers, higher states of consciousness, Native North Americans and Cyberspace.

    • Online Guide to Lucid Dreaming - This democratic site includes an FAQ, Methods, Techniques and Tips,LD Phenomena, Research Papers, a Gallery and Other LD Resources

    • Developing Lucid Dreaming in the Netherlands A Personal Account by Carolus M. den Blanken. This paper is based on a French-language address to the European Association for the Study of Dreams, delivered on October 12,1991 in A French version with the title "Le rêve lucide aux Pays-Bas" appeared in Oniros,34/35,17-19;1991

    • (temp down) Dream Harrowing by Rick Smith is a site devoted to turning your dreams into a journey from which objects and treasure may be found. This site will soon encompass the Dream Canteen and other dream support projects.

    • (gone) Astral Library - Links to lucid dreaming technology and information sites -contact manager is you need articles.

    • The Lucid Dreamers Reference Guide - Resources, links, reviews by Mark Breck

    • The Oneiro-Network (no longer active) was dedicated to advancing the global online community of lucid dreamers through telecommunications, and telepresence technologies. It's purpose is to bring lucid dreamers from all points of the globe together in a social atmosphere. To meet and get to know others of like mindedness, and to talk about lucid dreams. Everyone is welcome to participate, and create their own niche within the club.

    • Electric Dreams Besides a helpful online community of nearly 600 members, many of the Electric Dreams E-zine backissue contain articles on and by lucid dreamers.

    • "A Study of Dreams" By Frederik Van Eeden (1913) and transcribed by Blake Wilfong :" In this seminal work, Van Eeden describes several varieties of dreams and coins the phrase'lucid dream'. Although many of his conclusions contradict the findings of modern researchers, this paper remains a classic."

    • SpiritWeb Go to the Search box and type "lucid" for more than a dozen articles.

    • LUCID DREAMING Article by Denise Linn for Golden Age Magazine. A positive short introduction.

    • The Lame Man's Guide to the Dream World A quick lucid and obe techniques guide.

    • (gone) Lucid Dreaming Enhancement A Treatise on Lucid Dreaming by Robert Bruce,1994.

    • (gone)Ben's Lucid Dreaming Page A quick reference, personal experiences.

    • LUCID DREAMING: FRUSTRATIONS AND FANTASIES A short article by Brenda Giguere 95.08.20

    • (gone) Lucid Dreaming: Awake in Your Sleep? By Susan Blackmore - From Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. 15 Summer 1991, pages 362-370

    • Pamela Ryan's Dream World Spiritweb Org, Promoting Spiritual Consciousness on the Internet. Subjects include Out of Body, Lucid Dreaming,: Dreamswork, Questions and Techniques , Dream FAQ, A Nearby, Realm, Of The Dreamtime Treatise On Lucid Dreaming , Lucidity Research, Past and Future , 1001 Nights of Exploring Lucid Dreaming, Life Is But A Dream , OOBE vs Lucid Dreaming.

    • Lucid Dreaming FAQ from the ASCC.ORG: A short and concise fact sheet on lucid dreaming

    • A Casteneda Home page information on the Castaneda experience in "Dreaming"

    • Ethan Reynard's Ultimate Guide to Lucid Dreaming: A graphically delightful site that brings together articles, tips, techniques, accessories and many interactive forums. Lucid Dream Web Ring too.

    •   Psi, Paranormal, Telepathic Dreaming 
    • Linda Lane Magallón's DreamPsi Archive This Dream Psi Archive is dedicated to extraordinary dreams. It features information on mutual, lucid, psychic, creative, psionic and flying dreams as well as related phenomena. It supports the dream projects and activities of the Fly-By-Night Club.

    • Also, see the paranormal Usenet Newsgroups.

    • DreamTime Financial Dreaming Newsletter Stephen H. Kapit is a "dream futurist", and believes that dreams can literally make you rich, both spiritually and financially. Receiving information in the DreamTime on stocks, commodities and global events, he shares what he has learned with others through his DreamTime newsletter and believes that dreams do come true and can also make you a lot of money. To find out more about his unique views and achievements, visit The DreamTime Web Site which is updated weekly, and includes DreamTime alerts will go out and DreamTime back issues, normally available only by snail mail or fax subscriptions.

    • Stock market Dream Sharing Group. The group uses intuition to see  occasional glimpses of future events including stock market activity. The group more generally has the goal of allowing individuals to become co-creators with God in the general area of prosperity and abundance.

    • Henry Reed's Dream Helper Ceremony. How to have a group offer their dreams in the service of another's needs. 

        Dreaming Science and Research 

    • The Quantitative Study of Dreams - The cyber-expression of Calvin Hall's Content Analysis is a "hard-headed" science site from Bill Domhoff and Adam Schneider for serious students of dream content.

    • Clinical Sleep Research Discussion Forum - REM sleep and dreaming Bulletin Board, sponsored by BISLEEP, Mark Mahowald and the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN

    • IASD Online -The Association for the Study of Dreams provides a variety of forums for dreaming science, including the peer reviewed Dreaming Journal, the less formal IASD Newsletter and an annual International Conference. Recently IASD has added Regional conferences and Web site with research abstracts on dreaming, past article indexes and public information guides for both adults and children. See for example, the Science Projects on dreams.

    • Online Dream Research Guide - Produced for the 1996 IASD XIII Conference in Berkeley, Richard Wilkerson and DreamGate have provided a Guide and starting point for those interested Dreams and Research. Selections range from the formal site of Bill Domhoff to the informal research done by the Electric Dreams community and individuals. Links to libraries, universities, search engines and more.

    • Dream Sharing in Cyberspace Human Science Research Methods in Studying Dreamwork: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Face-to-Face and Computer Networks Dream WorkGroups -- John Herbert's seminal research paper on the first study comparing Cyberspace Dream Groups to Offline Face-to-Face Groups.

    • On the Dream Experiences of Big Wall Climbers - A Pilot Study by Charles Winstead on the dreams that climbers have at night climbing the mountains of the world.

    • Books and Bibliographies on Dreams The DreamGate Collection Index of Dream Bibliographies Online

    • DreamLynx Surveys and research page DreamLynx offers Research space for dream related surveys, questionnaires and inquiries. Be sure to drop by and participate. Here is the current list: Sleep Terrors: Emotional/mental causes?

    • Sleep Terrors: Most effective therapy?
      Nightmares : Do nightmares affect your waking state?
      Dreams and Illness: Can Dreams predict illness?
      Real or Fake : Can you tell a real from a fake dream?

    • Dolphins, Whales, and Dreamtime " As part of my research for a book on the psychological, spiritual, and cultural significance of cetaceans (dolphins and whales) as evinced in classical and New Age myth, art, dreams, various genres of fiction, and human-cetacean encounters, I've collected and analyzed the themes in several dozen dreams in which dolphins and/or whales played a significant role." Links to other Cetaceous sites.

    • The Natural Environment and our Dreams - Chris Hicks' and DreamLine's continuing investigation into the relation between our dreams and world, social and cultural events and institutions.

    • Dreams in Memory of Jerry Garcia

    • In August of 1995 Jerry Garcia, guitarist and adored leader of the rock phenomena, The Grateful Dead, died and the Bay Area mourned. The Electric Dreams Staff collected dream online and off and published the many dreams of fans in reaction to the event.

    • IASD Bulletin Board on the World Wide Web A great place to propose and discuss global dreaming research projects, ask about funding, contact sleep researchers and learn about dreaming science.

    • Sleep Medicine - lists resources regarding all aspects of sleep including, the physiology of sleep, clinical sleep medicine, sleep research, federal and state information, patient information, and business-related groups.

    • SleepNet - Everything you want to know about sleep but are too tired to ask. One objective of the SleepNet is to link all known sleep information on the Internet together at one location for easy access.

    • Spot the Fake Dream David Black, at Seton Hall University, has set up a Web-based program designed to explore the question of whether people can distinguish between a real dream told to them, and a fake one. Participants can contribute their own dreams.

    • DreamPsi Archive Linda Magallon, author of Mutual Dreaming has provided us with a introductory collection of reading references and also offers a monthly dream psi target or project. Be sure to read her column on Electric Dreams.

    • Sleep and Dreaming Classified Abstracts COGNITIVE SCIENCE AND PSYCHOLOGY 3.10 Sleep and dreaming

    • Dream and Nightmare Laboratory by Tore Nielsen.

    •   Dream and Anthropology On the Net  Including Sociology and Culture


    • The IASD Online Art Gallery. Each year a few selected pieces of dream inspired art make it in the International Conference Art Exhibit. Now you can see reproductions of these at the Online Gallery.

    • Brenda Ferrimani  Brenda is a painter of dreams. Her surreal images provoke the imagination and cause us to contemplate the meanings behind our nightly excursions through the unconscious. Brenda's dream paintings are often featured on the cover of Dream Network and Dreamtime magazines. Her website features her artwork, published articles and Online Store.
    • Jolene will help you re-create your significant dream images in oil, acrylic, mixed media or colored pencil on an agreed upon canvas."

    • Slow Wave Weekly Dream Comics - Jesse Reklaw

    • "Concave Up" - Dream Gallery - Jesse Reklaw

    • "Fly-By-Night" - Club Communal Magic Show

    • The Nancy Brzeski Gallery This wonderful gem explore Nancy's art as it emerged out of her dreams and interfaced with "Granny". This is an interactive gallery that requests comments and conversation about the art, the process, the dream. Send Comments!

    • DreamLink Dream Illustrators Have your dream illustrated by one of DreamLink's artists!

    • Life Art and Dreams Dream Artist, Alissa Goldring interweaves her art with life and dream stories and also provides a monthly column on dreams and creativity.

    • Man Against Eternity Lucid Dream Inspired Gallery.

    • From the Artist Epic Dewfall: "I get ideas for my paintings from lucid dreams. About once a month when I'm dreaming, I will realize I'm dreaming, and when I do, I then walk around in the dream looking at art on the walls. I usually find many paintings on every wall. By the time one of these lucid dreams ends, I usually have one or two good paintings memorized. I always recreate them in pastel on 12 by 18 inch paper. I've been doing this as a hobby since 1986."

    • Much of the artwork included in each issue of  Dream Network is dream inspired. We have developed an "Image Bank" into which artists can submit their work, allowing us the freedom to 'match' appropriate articles and poetry with their images. We find that often, artists are creating imagery from the dreamtime of unknown dreamers. An excellent case in point/example of this phenomena is At The Pool Of Wonder by Deborah Koff-Chapin and Marcia Lauck.

    • Surrealism Art Galleries - Why did Breton and Dali champion dreams as doors into the Surreal? Come see!

    • Miz-Maze Theatre Dream Theatre

    • Electric Dreams Cover Art Come and help Illustrate our backissues!

    • Whale Dream Gallery - Sarah Strachen

    • (gone) LABOR Gallery - Johannes M. Hedinger

    • Dream Wave Theatre . This collection of dream images is really more a theatre than an gallery, and each of the themes leads more deeply inside itself.

    • Dreaming Arnold Schwarzenegger  The site presents over 150 dreams about Arnold Schwarzenegger that two
      professors have had during their collaborative work analyzing Schwarzenegger as a celebrity in American culture. It also includes experiments in presenting dreams through virtual reality and essays discussing theoretical issues about dreams and dreaming.

    • Dreams and Film
    • IASD Videophile by Dierdra Barrett: A collection of Dream Time reviews on dreams and dreaming in film.

    • Dreams on Film : A collection of reviews of films related to dreams. The films listed all contain, depict, explore or revolve around dreams or dream imagery. Wherever possible, film reviews or links to sites with more detailed information about a particular film are included. A DreamTree site page.

    • Doctor Hugo's Fuzzy Dreamz || Museums of the Mind || :  A cinematic experience of short net films on dreams. Create your personal dream scenario by choosing a star: from fear to fun, drama, love, desire and a sense of wonder. Doctor Hugo's Fuzzy Dreamz brings us closer to 'who we are', 'what we want' and 'what we see with closed eyes'. The future never sleeps. . .


        Jung and Dreams 


    • C. G. Jung Page: The Jung Page was founded in 1995 to encourage new psychological ideas and conversations about what it means to be human in our time and place. Articles, discussion, news.

    • Joseph Campbell Foundation: News, community, resources

    • IAAP: The International Association for Analytic Psychology. Journals, newsletters, articles, abstracts, membership.

    • Pacifica Graduate School and Joseph Campbell Archive: Archetypal psychology, Aizenstat, James Hillman, Gimbutas.

    • JungWeb - JungWeb is a comprehensive resource for Jungian psychology on the Internet.

    • Jung Anthology - A beautiful collection of various selections and lots of great dream quotes Wonderful!

    • The Dream Weavers An interpretation network of Jungian analysts, has created a website designed to help people learn to better understand their dreams, including a searchable collection of dreams which have been gathered from around the world along with responses from the Dream Weavers.

    • Jung Index A guide to many Jungian sites online. By Matthew Clapp

    • A Study Guide for C.G. Jung's Dream Analysis: Notes of the Seminar compiled by J. Gary Sparks. the outcome of several classes at the intermediate level using the Dream Analysis book as text. The volume is an excellent way for persons who have learned the basics of Jung to extend their study a bit further.

    • Jung and Astrology Those interested in studying how Jungs ideas pertaining to masculine archetypes relate to traditional astrology will enjoy this site by Dan Lorey, author of "The Wildman, the Earth and the Stars."

    • Electric Dreams Cyber-Dream Library Best way to find articles and texts about dreams online. Includes Electric Dreams backissue index by author and index. Also includes topics on dreaming, references and resources. More.

    • At Dream Network's website you will find a (nearly) complete listing of all articles published in the Dream Network since 1982. In association with, we have compiled an extensive bibliography of some of the finest dream and myth related books on the market, fyi and/or for sale online.

    • Trauma and Dreams: Edited by Deirdre Barrett. A book Review and Order page. Deirdre Barrett brings together the study of dreams and the psychology of trauma. She has called on a distinguished group of psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers--among them Rosalind Cartwright, Robert J. Lifton, and Oliver Sacks--to consider how trauma shapes dreaming and what the dreaming mind might reveal about trauma.

      • The Pregnant Man. Predominantly about hypnotherapy but has several cases whose presenting conmplaint was nightmares and a lot of dreamwork throughout.

    • Mermaid's Wharf Questions and Answer Editor of Electric Dreams provides links and interviews if you are involved in dreams.

    • The Interpretation of DreamsSigmund Freud!

    • GRIMMS FAIRIE TALES Though I couldn't find my favorite "the Slippers that Danced Themselves to Pieces" there are dozens of others, including the little mermaid, cinderella, bluebeard, beauty and the beast, jack in the beanstalk, puss and boots, the golden goose and many, many more.

    • Jung Anthology - A beautiful collection of various selections and lots of great dream quotes

    • "A Study of Dreams" Frederik van Eeden's 1913 article in which the term "lucid" dreaming is first used. Thanks to Blake Wilfong ( for making this classic available.

    • Books and Bibliographies on Dreams The DreamGate Collection Index of Dream Bibliographies Online

    • Dreams: The Inner Light A book by Scott Hughes and his theories on dreams and dreaming.

    • Dream Interviews conducted by Victoria Quinton. Collection of Interviews by an editor of Electric Dreams and keeper of Mermaid’s Wharf.

    • Part I : Please Fix It : In Spanish by Eulalia. Entering into the transpersonal stage means to extend our conscience border beyond the skin.

    • Spiritwatch A Jayne Gackenbach's transpersonal resources and projects, plus much more "Watchfulness focused on experiences of a spiritual nature ."

    • Past Issues of Lucidity Letter
      Articles & Papers including lucid dreaming and dreaming papers, higher states of consciousness, Native North Americans and Cyberspace.

    • Ossanna Wisdom Every two weeks new articles are added by Roberta Ossana, the editor of the DreamNetwork Journal. Here are some of the titles of the available articles: Exploring The DreamTime Mystery, "How To Better Recall Your Dreams", "Recurring Dreams: What Are They Saying", "Nightmare... A Blessing in Disguise!", "Incubating Dreams for Guidance and Problem Solving", "Developing Dreamsharing Relationships and/or Dream Groups","The Many Types of Dreams & Purposes for Which Dreams Come to Us.",- "Ethics to Employ in Dreamsharing, Dreamworkand Dreamplay", and "Dreams and Deja Vu"

    • DreamWave's Muse Musings on a variety of dream themes, including Ancestor ,Animal ,Birth ,Blood, Boy, Carnage ,Child, Connections ,Death ,Destruction ,Ecstasy ,Father ,Flying ,Fool ,God ,Hag ,Home ,Journey ,Kitchen ,Lizard ,Loss ,Man ,Mother ,Rage, Ruin ,Sacrifice ,School ,Serpent ,Sex ,Time ,Torrent ,Underworld ,Water and Woman.

    • Dream Wave Primer This wonderful collection of short essays and advice on dreaming with nourish your soul as well as your curiosity. Themes includes such areas as dream journal keeping, recurring dreams, dreams and soul, Jung and more.

    • Dreams and CRC Theory Michael Coop presents speculations on his general CRC theory (Comprehension, Rationalisation & Conclusion, the mechanisms by which people recognize and respond to their surroundings) using dreams and dreaming for illustration and example.

    • Gunilla Caisson's DreamWork with Children. Dragons and Demons of the dream, "Out-Action" and How it can happen.
      Available in both English and Swedish

    •  Dream Products & Technology: Books, Computer Programs,  CD's, Tapes, and Services


    •  From Stephen Barnwell of Dream-Dollars, dream tolkens aid in lucid dreaming and make great gifts.

    •  From the Lost Colony of Nadiria, these recovered dollars became a program for self improvement via dreams.

    • DreamTemple. The Dream Temple(™ v.2.0) is a dream documentation application that can assist you in organizing and reviewing your dreams. It is Dream Temple's developers  hope that by organizing your dreams in a searchable database you will be able to reveal deeper patterns in your dream life. They  also offer a scaled down version of the Dream Temple called Dreamlette.  Dreamlette has all the features needed for basic dream journaling minus the advanced features, Dream Links, Interviews, Image Gallery, Web publishing, and e-mail.

    • DreamSpinner Spin your web of meaning. The Spinner™ engine is a learning system capable of reading texts for meaning. It allows you to rapidly analyze any texts, from dreams to works of fiction, and learn about the mind that wrote them and what they mean.

    • Dream Disconary a commercial symbol dictionary. You can test out a version here.

    • Alchera Journal Analysis Harry Bosma now has a new version of Alchera ready at his homepage. Some of you may know this freeware program by the former name of Dream Guard the name was changed to Alchera, which is the Aboriginal word for the Dreamtime. Alchera does two things, it can store your dreams and it lets you work with characters and locations in dreams. The advantage of Alchera over a normal wordprocessor is that it gives you faster access to particular dreams.

    • Interactive Dreaming Site Offers information about ordering the Multimedia CD, Interactive Dreaming “to give you ongoing direct experiences of the power and meaning of your dreams.” Includes a dream journal database and extensive re-usable audio-guided interactive dreamwork session.

    • DreamQuest Cards Whether you are an experienced dreamworker, or a relative newcomer to decoding your symbolic night language, DreamQuest Cards can offer you new insights and perspectives. DreamQuest is comprised of seventy cards, each containing a different set of questions, revolving around a particular theme of collective value or experience, such as “Love”, “Victim”, “Power” or “Journey”. DreamQuest Project, Inc., 17A-218 Silvercreek Parkway North, Suite 306, Guelph, ON Canada N1H 8E8, or email

    • Mandalas A work of art, or as a reflection of an inner process? Can be used by the creator as a tool for connecting with the dream in a right-brained, intuitive way. Bruce Jones has used his dreams as a source of inspiration in drawing exquisite mandalas.

    • Tiger's Nest Advice on treating dreams as enhancing one's spiritual growth, advertisements for books and products, dream interpretation message board "for fun only" as well as focus on women's spirituality, schedule of appearances, personal backgrounds.

    • Dream Map Download and run on a Power Macintosh or a 68k Macintosh and needs about 4 Megs of free ram. The present system allows for 28 dreams to be recorded at a time. Dream Map does not *interpret* dreams, it serves as a helpful tool to *explore* dreams. Details and a demo version for downloading can be found at the dreamMap webpage. Here you will also find a link to other computed dream projects happening at the dreamMosaic. Daniel Cummings

    • Sweet Dreams The site includes a dream exploration journal written by the company owner and several dream related audio Cds. "Personal development is a holistic journey which includes integration of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being." Randall Hook

    • Dreams and Recovery! Shelly Marshals book summary! Dreams, Recovery, 12 step and Spiritual Growth

    • Thinking Allowed - Video Library with such people as Linda Magallon, Stephen Laberge, Patricia Garfield and more.

    • Melatonin Dreams - According to the author, "many people who take the over-the-counter hormone melatonin have commented on an increase in the "vividness" or frequency of dream activity. This page has been established to study, in an informal, non-scientific way these phenomenon."

    • DreamUp is a dream analysis assistant and dream journal software developed for PC's. DreamUp's analysis tool is based on Carl C. Jung's theory of the collective consciousnes. It can be viewed at

    • DrmDoc Dream Translation Page The purpose of this web page is to help you explore and understanding the revealing language of dreams. This page excerpts insights from Ken Howell’s new Dream Translation Dictionary currently awaiting publication and includes info on dream recall, dream types and dream translation.

    • Dreams and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Contact Page for Catherine Grant and Services on using dreams for insight therapy, as well as transformational hypnotherapy. Email

    • Dreamer 1.0 for Windows 95 This site is a product review of the Dreamer computer journal and analysis system. Features a journal, search capabilities, keyword markers & a symbol dictionary

    • Dreamcatching: Every Parent's Guide to Understanding and Exploring Children's Dreams and Nightmares. Kelly Bulkeley and Alan Siegel. New Book! General information for parents and children on children's dreams including instructions for recalling dreams, bibliographies, excerpts from the book providing information etc.

    • Dreamer for Windows 95.  It is an integrated Dream Work tool for the PC, incorporating journaling and symbol dictionary work with extensive search capabilities. Sky Systems.

    • At Dream Network's website you will find a (nearly) complete listing of all articles published in the Dream Network since 1982. In association with, we have compiled an extensive bibliography of some of the finest dream and myth related books on the market, fyi and/or for sale online.

    • Bill Kudrle's Awaken 98 Dream Journal Software
      Awake Software

    List of Dream Site Lists -  Dream Links


    Miscellaneous Links on   Dreams & Dreaming  &Link Exchange 


    • Griebel's On-line Dictionary of Dream Symbols 1) See suggestions for interpretations of dream symbols. 2) Submit your own suggestions, and help this dictionary grow.

    • IASD Articles - Questions - Common Questions about dreams and some responses.

    • IASD Articles Nightmare Information.

    • IASD Articles Science projects for School.

    • Dream Talk Stop by the IASD bulletin board and join in conversations on the study of dreams, color and dreams, dream interpretation issues, references and bibliographies on dreams and many other topics. Also, be sure to check out the IASD Art Gallery while you are there and see a wonderful gallery of dream inspired art.

    • DREAMERS There is a place where dreams and wishes meet, create and unfold. Come to Dreamers and expore that place.

    • Interpret Your Life As A Dream The Work of Glenn R. Williston, Ph.D. as published in Body, Mind, Spirit Magazine, April/May 1994 by D. Rosen

    • La vida es sueno. "Life is a dream," said Pedro Calderon de la Barca, the national dramatist of-Spain. And Shakespeare is famous for his "All the world' s a stage." More than just interesting metaphors, these statements question the relative importance of what we call 'reality' and what we quickly dismiss as illusion or symbol. Further, these epigrams suggest that life's events carry meaning. But how might we uncover the hidden meaning in the common place and not-so-commonplace events of our lives?

    • Interpret The O.J. Trial Like a Dream An Interview with Dr. Glenn R. Williston by Lisa Bennett Since you have written numerous articles on interpreting everyday events like dreams, I wonder if anyone has asked you about the O.J. trail and the issues around it.

    • "As a matter of fact, someone asked me just the other day about the trial. The question went something like this: "How are we supposed to have faith in the justice system or in the world with the outcome of the trail?"
      Dr. Glenn R. Williston, educator, consultant, and author of numerous books and articles, including the international best-seller Discovering Your Past Lives, teaches his clients and students how to interpret the meaning of events.

    • Alt-MEDMartket's Alternative Healthcare Index Alt-MEDMarket has taken a "trade journal" approach to the Internet. This is done by adding relevant information and their customer's Alternative Healthcare related sites to create a large focused spot for browsers interested in the topic to visit. An area of the site that has tremendous potential is the library. To increase the amount of information available there they are looking for articles or papers of interest to their visitors. If you would like to have an article made available in the Alt-MEDMarket library and publicized in the "Alt-MEDMarket Direct!", their newsletter, contact Tim Corbett at . There is no charge for this service and all articles will have a link and or an e-mail link back to the company or person of origin.

    • "A Better Medical World of Information." A resource, content rich center of valuable medical industry information and links.

    • Ernest Hartmann, MD.  Hartmann is one of the pioneers of dream research and has produced hundreds of articles and many books from his work and research. Read article and more here.



International Association for the Study of Dreams