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Dream Time is a  publication of IASD that serves as an information service and a forum for members. Editing of materials will be done with an eye to both general and professional readership.

Dream Time - Editor's Page

Publisher: Association for the Study of Dreams
Editor-in-Chief: Richard A. Russo, M.A.
Creative Director: Catherine Campaigne
Senior Editor: Rita Dwyer
Contributing Editors: Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D.; Mark Blagrove, Ph.D.; Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D.; Nancy Lund, M.A.; Victoria Rabinowe; Richard C. Wilkerson
Advertising Manager: Jean Campbell

Editorial Policy
How to Submit Work to Dream Time
Letters to the Editor
How to Place an Ad
Requests for Past Issues

Editorial Policy:

Dream Time welcomes submissions on all aspects of dreaming, from the latest research on dreams to personal explorations of dream experience. Kinds of material we're looking for include:
- overviews and discussions of the latest research findings
- how-to articles on methods of dreamwork
- multicultural issues and approaches to dreaming and dreamwork
- clinical uses of dreams
- dreams in history and popular culture
- issues and approaches to dream education
- dreams and the arts
- interviews with key people in dream studies
- personal narratives of dream experience
- short fiction, poetry, cartoons and art about or inspired by dreams

Each issue of Dream Time also includes regular review columns on dream-related books, films and web sites, as well as announcements of upcoming events, calls for research, letters to the Editor, IASD news, and ads for dream-related books, products and services.

The Editor reserves the right to shorten and/or edit articles for clarity and to fit space restrictions. Opinions expressed in Dream Time, whether in articles, paid advertisements, or other content, are those of the authors, not the Association. Publication in Dream Time does not necessarily imply the endorsement of IASD.

The publication is currently tri-annual.

Queries about Dream Time editorial policies or possible submissions should go to: Richard Russo, Editor, Dream Time


How to Submit Work to Dream Time

Articles and other written work should be submitted either by email, or by mailing a printout plus a file on diskette. Suggested length is 500 - 3,000 words; longer articles are occasionally accepted. All manuscripts must be typed or computer-generated, double-spaced, with margins of at least 1" on all sides. The author's name, email address and phone number should appear on the first page, as well as in the cover letter. Illustrations, tables and charts may accompany articles.

Email submissions should be sent as attachments, with a cover letter in the body of the email message. Acceptable file types include Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or ASCII (text only). Submissions should go to: 
Richard Russo
Editor, Dream Time

Mail submissions should include a brief cover letter, a clean, typed or printed copy of the manuscript, and a computer diskette containing a copy of the file. Submissions should go to:

Richard Russo
Editor, Dream Time
835 Peralta Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94707

Art work: Dream Time is always looking for high-quality art based on, inspired by or about dreams. Art may be used on the cover or for interior illustration; occasionally, an artist's work may be featured in an article. Submissions should include a brief cover letter. Slides or prints should be clearly labeled with the title, medium, and name of the artist. We are also willing to look at scans of art and photographs submitted electronically via email, but may require other formats if accepted for publication.

Letters to the Editor

Readers are encouraged to write to the editor with general comments on dreams, matters related to IASD, and reactions to articles that have appeared in Dream Time.

Letters to the Editor should be sent to: 
Richard Russo
Editor, Dream Time

Unless otherwise stated by the author, all letters to the Editor will be considered submissions and may be published or quoted in Dream Time.

How to Place an Ad in Dream Time

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Disclaimer:  IASD reserves the right to decide appropriate ad materials for DreamTime Magazine


Would you like to volunteer and be part of the Dream Time Staff? Write to the editor, Richard Russo and join in one of the many projects in the creation of Dream Time..

J. Jabbour  1996 ASD Art Show Many of the regular columns from recent issues are available online. Be sure to check out Deirdre Barrett's review of dream films, and lists of books on dreams favorably reviewed.

Are you interested in a good dream book but unsure what to get? You may want to look first in Kelly Bulkeley's Dream Reviews or sift through the back issue listings to find the right book for you.

Perhaps you would like to read an interview with one of the top researchers and explorers in dreams and dreaming? If you need a more complete listing of articles, please check the Dream Time Abstracts.

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