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Annual Student Awards for Research or Creative Work
on Dreams

Student Research Awards - IASD

2013 Student Award
for research or creative work on dreams

Deadline APRIL 15, 2013


Awards to be announced at the
39th Annual IASD Conference in Virginia Beach, VA

2012 Award Winners

The Student Awards Committee presented the 2012 awards to two quantitative researchers:

Isaac Taitz: “Learning Lucid Dreaming and Its Effect on Depression in Undergraduates”

Nils Sandman: “The Prevalence of Nightmares”

Curtiss Hoffman, PhD, Chair
 Ann Lerkenborg Bengtsson, Ernest Hartmann, Tracey Kahan, Bernard Welt


2011 Award Winners

Category I - Quantitative Research (Science) Tadas Strumbrys An exploratory study of creative problem solving in lucid dreams: Preliminary findings and methodological considerations

Category II - Qualitative Research (Arts, Literature, Humanities)  Juan Miguel Marín "A shortcut through dreams to the Nobel Prize? :Re-assessing Wolfgang Pauli’s “Lucid Platonism” and “Background Physics”

Danielle Pearson Honorable Mention

Lucie Kracmarova Honorable Mention


2010 Winners

Category I - Quantitative Research (Science)
Connie Svob, “Dream Remembering: Theory and Measurement”

Category II - Qualitative Research (Arts, Literature, Humanities)
 Linda Mastrangelo, “Animal Dreams”


2009 Student Award Winners
Amy Blume
Melanie Rosen

2008 Student Award Winners
Ryan Hurd
Eva Murzyn

2007 Student Award Winners
Peter Simor
Patricia Spangler

2006 Student Award Winners
Sheila Asato
Lana Nasser


Details and  Info - Past Student Award Winners





Educational Material
and Programs from IASD

Elsi Vassdal Ellis  1997 ASD ExhibitThe International Association for the Study of Dreams has an educational mission to provide the most accurate and sophisticated information on dream research and to provide forums for the display and exchange of this information. While we feel this is best demonstrated by our International Conference and our publications Dreaming and Dream Time we are also exploring the use of the Internet for this goal.  Audio Tapes from past conferences are available at The Shopping Mall

How do I find the information I want on dreams?

If you don't find what you want on this page or the index pages, stop in at the IASD Online Help Desk (or select Education - help from our main menu).

Are you in grade K-12 and trying to find out some simple answers to your questions about dreams? Read our Common Questions About Dreams file. You will also want to run your own experiments at school or with friends with the help of our Science Project suggestions.


J. Rochon  1997 ASD ExhibitPerhaps you or your children are having nightmares? Be sure to read the facts in All About Nightmares


If you need a good book on dreams, but don't know where to start, we have a short list of book suggestions from many of the top researchers and dream explorers in the world. Whether you are interested in dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, mutual dreaming, the science of dreaming, dreaming in other cultures, dream journal keeping, dream inspired activates, or the history of dreams and dreaming, there is a book here for you. A longer list is also available and links to collections of thousands of books and research articles in dreams and dreaming.

If you would like to order any of the books, you will find the list available in the IASD Bookshop .


If you are a doing research in the field of dreams, we invite you to submit your work for review and publication to the journal Dreaming or the Dream Time publication.


We would also like to invite you to join in our Dream FAQ project to build a comprehensive online questions and answer file on dreams and dreaming. The dream answers in this file will be carefully chosen and edited by the IASD community.

Articles Online

We have a wide variety of published material on dreams and dreaming from both our peer reviewed journal Dreaming, the Dream Time publication and other IASD publications. All of the material is available from the main office. Many of the articles are now available online as well.

Student - Teachers Pages

For teachers, a whole section on how to teach students about dreams and dreaming. For Students, exercises and facts about sleep and dreams.  Don't miss the Student - Teachers Forum and the tapes available from The Shopping Mall.  

Graduate Studies

If you are an instructor and offer dream education at a graduate level in conjunction with an educational institution, we would like to hear from you. For more on this, read Graduate Studies.

CE Continuing Education Units

IASD maintains responsibility for all programs and is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education (CE) for psychologists. Many licensing boards for psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists and counselors will accept credits from an APA approved sponsor. Check with you license board to make sure that credits from an APA sponsor , such as IASD. can be applied for licensing renewal. In addition, in California, IASD is a BBSE approved CE provider so the credits will apply for licensing renewal for MFT and LCSW therapists in California.


1. IASD Annual International Conferences, where you can typically get 20-30 units.
2. IASD Regional Conferences, where you can typically get 1-10 units.
3. IASD Online Dream Studies Continuing Education Program, where you can get unlimited units.

What does my dream mean?

C. Brooks 1997 ASD ExhibitionWe feel the answer to the meaning and full value of specific personal dreams cannot be adequately handled online at this time.
 However, we respect many of the different viewpoints and traditions of dream interpretation and support studies in this area.
Our recommendation is to:

  1. Please read our Ethics Statement for a suggested guide in handling all interpretive and dream exploration approaches.

  2. Please explore our Suggested Books list

  3. Read the Common Questions file. 

  4. The best education in dreamwork you can get is through the IASD International Conferences. Please plan to attend this year!

  5. If you can't get to the conference we also have a fabulous collection of Audio Tapes from nearly two decades of International Conferences.

  6. Become a Member! This will entitle you many benefits on dreamwork, including the journal, the magazine, the newsletter and many, many online activities and groups. 

I'm still completely lost!

Still can't find the answer to your question? Post your question on our Bulletin Board. Please, questions about dreams and dreaming in general only. There is no interpretation of individual dreams provided on this site.


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