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Over the past two decades IASD has provided many channels and opportunities for the discussion and exploration of ideas and research in dreams and dreaming. Our traditional forums have included our publications and conferences. However, we now have opened up lines of communication between conference times and have monthly real time chat, E-Study groups via e-mail, a 24 hour bulletin board and many special events. 

IASD Bulletin Board

E. V. Ellis 1997 ASD ExhibitionJoin in conversations between dream researchers and dream concerned citizens from around the world on the IASD Bulletin Board. If you have questions about dreams and dreaming or would like to help us answer other people's questions, please stop by. The board is also available for announcing dream related events and discussions on dreaming in general. Please, no interpretation of personal dreams.

IASD News List

In an attempt to get IASD news right to your door step without the cost of USPS land mail, we would like for members to subscribe to the IASD News mail list. If you need to be added or removed from this list, or feel you have relevant material for the list, please stop by the IASD EMAIL ROOM .


A. Stockdale 1997 ASD ExhibitionOccasionally we meet in real time with other dream researchers and dream concerned netizins, often on Friday nights.  Information about these informal meetings are found on the IASD Bulletin Board. Occasionally we have special guests, and the schedule for these guests and past meetings are found on the  IASD Chat Room.



IASD E-Study groups via e-mail:

IASD offers a wide variety of study groups where members can sign on and discuss topics in dreaming with the world's most renowned experts. Whether you are a clinician interested in dream therapy, a reasearher interested in sleep and dreams or a dreamworker interested in the topic of spiritual dreamwork, IASD has the E-Study group for you. Please become an IASD member and sign up! 


Invited Speakers Discussions

IASD also sponsors e-mail discussion groups. For an example of these kinds of discussions, see the Dreaming Journal discussions Archive.

If you need to contact IASD, please see the IASD Contact page.


International Association for the Study of Dreams