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You can receive a maximum of 25 credits for attending specially designated presentations at the 2010 IASD Conference. Sessions marked “CE” in the conference program booklet are eligible for IASD Continuing Education Credits. IASD is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologist. IASD maintains responsibility for the program and its content. IASD is also an approved CE provider for the California Board of Behavioral Science Examiners (BBSE Provider PCE 2043). The title of this year’s CE program is: Dreaming: Clinical, Research and Cultural Perspectives.

Which Sessions Qualify for CE? Only sessions marked in the program booklet with the letters “CE” qualify for IASD CE credits. All conference participants may attend any event marked “CE” but only those who pay in advance and follow all procedures outlined below will receive CE credits. The full conference program with CE events marked can be viewed online at:

Register for CE and pay the $30 USD CE Fee(in advance when you register online or at the Registration Information table).

Obtain a CE Credit Log when you register and carry it with you to all CE presentations.

Sign in and get the CE Credit Log initialed by a monitor as you leave EACH event.

Fill out a CE Evaluation Form for each event you attend (provided for you in the CE packet).

Prior to leaving the conference you must complete all required evaluation forms and turn in your CE packet as registration in order to receive credit and a certificate. Do not drop off the packet.

It is essential that an IASD monitor tallies your credits and issues you a certificate. Certifications can only be issues in person at the conference and will not be mailed to you. You will expedite the check-out process if you make sure all CE forms are completed prior to check-out. This includes: A) credit log; B) a CE Evaluation form for every single event you attended, C) Answers to evaluation questions for each CE event you attended and D) a Full Conference Evaluation form.

Please don’t leave without a monitor issuing you a CE certificate. IASD charges a $30 USD fee to provide additional copies of the certificate.

Feedback, Suggestions and Complaints:
We appreciate hearing your feedback, suggestions, constructive criticisms or complaints. Please place your feedback in writing so we can respond thoughtfully and use your comments for future planning. The best way to provide feedback is to complete the Full Conference Evaluation form with paper copies available in your registration packet at the conference. In addition, Full Conference Evaluation form can completed online after the conference at:  You can also email additional feedback to

Thanks for participating in our CE program!

Questions or comments about the CE program can be directed to:
Alan Siegel, Ph.D
IASD Education Committee Chairperson and CE Administrator 

CE Credit Information, Orientation, Forms

Explains the type of CE we offer and how to get CE credits at the 2010 IASD International Conference in Asheville NC June 27-July1 2010: All of this information and associated documents will be provided to you at the 2010 conference. For your convenience, you can view them here before, during or after the conference.

Download document in: MS Word

2010 Conference Schedule Chart with CE Events Marked

You can view the current version of the full conference schedule chart with CE courses marked with the letters “CE”. Only events specifically marked with the letters CE will count for CE credits.

2010 CE Credit Log

This document lists all CE events in the 2010 conference program and all the learning objectives and evaluation forms and procedures for obtaining CE at the 2010 conference. This document will be provided to you at the conference when you register and pay for CE. For your convenience, you can view the documents here before, during or after the conference.

Download document:  AVAILABLE ON OR BEFORE JUNE 15, 2010

2010 CE Evaluation Form for Each CE Event

This form will be provided to you at the conference and is required for you to rate each presentation you attend at the conference.
Download document in:  MS Word or Adobe PDF

Online Version:

CE Selection Criteria

This brief document explains how we make our selections for CE events at IASD conferences.
Download document in:  MS Word or Adobe PDF

CCE Needs Assessment Survey

Please complete this form to help us gather information about your training needs to plan future conference. It is also in the CE packet you will receive when you attend the conference with additional copies at the conference Information Desk.
Download document in:  MS Word or Adobe PDF

Online Needs Assessment Survey:  2010 CE Needs Assessment Survey

CE Grievance Policy IASD

Download document in:  MS Word or Adobe PDF

Conference Evaluation Forms for All Conference Attendees

All conference attendees are encouraged to fill out this crucial form. The form is available in your conference registration packet in paper form with extra copies at the registration desk. If you don’t have time to fill it out the form at the conference please fill it out online after the conference but before August 1, 2010 .

ASD needs your input to improve our conferences and educational events. We request that you complete A FULL CONFERENCE and a (single event) 4 EVENT 6 QUESTION EVALUATION form. All evaluation forms will be available in paper form at the conference and online during and after the conference.

If you did not have time to fill out these evaluations during or after the conference, you have a chance to fill out online, the Full Conference Evaluation and 4 Event 6 Question Evaluation Forms

Download document in:  MS Word or Adobe PDF

4 Event 6 Question Evaluation:

Available at each event, this mini-evaluation has only 6 questions and allows you to quickly rate each presenter even when there is more than one speaker in an event. (Note to those seeking CE Credits: A longer evaluation is required and available in your CE packet).
Download document in:  MS Word or Adobe PDF